What To Do: To Prevent Your Smartphone’s Battery From Exploding

Best Way To Prevent Your Smartphone’s Battery From Exploding

One alarming mishap that smartphone users could find themselves facing is their battery exploding and or their phone catching fire.  A number of incidents have already been reported to have caused major damage and even threatened lives.  In this post, we’re going to look at the causes behind an exploding smartphone batter and show you how you can prevent your own smartphone’s battery from exploding.

When a smartphone’s battery explodes, there is usually a major flaw in the design or assembly of the battery.  Here are reasons why your battery could be at risk of exploding and some tips as to how you can avoid it.


Risk factors

  • A smartphone battery is mostly composed of lithium. These batteries may have a problem known as runaway that is caused by overheating.  In order to Prevent Your Smartphone’s Battery From Exploding, smartphone batteries are designed to shield against over-charging which usually is the cause of overheating.  Smartphone batteries are designed with their positive and negative plates maintaining an amount of distance.  Newer smartphones have started coming out with batteries that are getting thinner and thinner.  Because of this, the distance between the two plates is getting lesser so they are more prone to overcharging and overheating.
  • One compromise smartphone battery manufacturers have been making is missing fuses. The fuse breaks the circuit when there is a case of over-charging and over-heating.  If there is no fuse, the risk of over-heating increases, especially for users who often forget and leave their phones charging.


Precautionary measures

  • Use only the original battery, the one that comes with your device.
  • If you need to replace the battery, make sure you buy your new battery from a recommended replacement brand. Don’t just buy from any manufacturer because it is cheap.  It’s best to invest a little more money to ensure that you get a good battery.
  • Prevent overheating. Don’t place your device in hot areas, especially when you are charging it.
  • Charge you phone once the battery is already down to 50 percent. Don’t bother waiting for the battery to be completely drained before you charge it.

What have you done to Prevent Your Smartphone’s Battery From Exploding?

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