How To: Remove/Disable Bloatware Apps From An Unrooted Android Device

Bloatware Apps From An Unrooted Android Device

Manufacturers such as Samsung are always adding new software features to their new flagship devices.  While these features do result in improvements to the devices, they can also be the cause of lag.   These extra features and apps are known as bloatware when and because they can slow down a devices performance.  Removing bloatware from and Android smartphone is a way to improve its performance.

While there are many methods to remove bloatware from and Android device, often times these need root access.  But there is now a way to remove bloatware without rooting your device and that is using Android 4.0 ICS.

In the Android 4.0 ICS, Google has integrated an Disable option in the app settings.  By using this option you can disable the apps you want to remove.  In this guide, we’re going to show you how you can do this.

Remove/Disable Bloatware Apps From Android Without Root

  1. Open the settings app on your Android device.
  2. From settings go to > apps / application manager.
  3. In the application manager, go to “All” tab.
  4. Find the app you want to disable and tap its name.
  5. Open the settings of that app and you will find the disable option there.
  6. Tap “Disable/Turn Off” to disable the app.
  7. To enable the app, open the “Disabled Apps/Turned Off” tab in the apps/application manager, and enable the app.


The seven steps above will disable bloatware, but will not remove it completely.  If you want to remove the app completely, you will need to get a bloatware removal tool.  A good tool to use is the Easy Debloat tool from developer gatesjunior.

The Easy Debloater tool shows you the package names of all apps that you have installed onto your device.  The tool them allows you to select the apps in bulk to block or enable them again.  It also displays info about your device’s model number, battery status and other similar data.  This tool also does not need root access to work.

Use Easy Debloater Tool To Remove Bloatware Without Rooting 

  1. Download the latest version of Easy Debloater Tool’s  on your PC in order to install it.  When it is installed, open it.
  2. Enable USB debugging more on your device.  To do so, first go to Settings and About Device.  You should see your build number now, tap your build number 7 times.  Go back to settings and you should see developer options now.  Open developer options and click to enable USB debugging mode.
  3. Make sure that you have installed Android USB drivers.
  4. Use an original data cable to make a connection between your device and your PC.
  5. If you have made the connection properly, the Debloater Tool should automatically detect your device.  When it does, you will see a warning message that will tell you the after effects of disabling the wrong app or package.  A message might also appear telling you about what device on which you can’t block some apps but need to completely disable instead.  If the device becomes unstable after an app is removed, you’re going to have to perform a factory reset.  When you have read and understood all these warning messages, press OK.


  1. The tool should begin to load now. On the upper left, you will find a button that says “Read Device Packages”, click on it and you will get a list of all packages that are on your device.


  1. When the packages are listed, you will see some have already been selected and that the sync indicator located on the bottom left will have a green signal. This means that these packages are already blocked on the phone.


  1. Select the packages that are not already blocked that you do want disabled. When you make a selection, you will notice that the Sych indicator will become red and that on the top left and Apply button will appear.  Press this button to perform the necessary functions.

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  1. After blocking these applications, click the Read Phone Packages button again. You should find the recently blocked apps marked/synched.

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  1. If you are a root user, you can remove the app completely by using the tool’s remove option



Have you removed the bloatware from your device?

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