Top 10 Android Antivirus

Top 10 Android Antivirus

Because of its wide platform development, Android became the most popular mobile device. There are new updates and new apps developed every now and then. No wonder it has become the most sought after device. Here are the top ten android antivirus.

Android OS users increased drastically because of its smoothness, quality, and functionality.


One of the most common issues faced by Android users is about the device’s security. Android is an open source and this poses the device to a lot of risks. Android apps may contain malware and virus. Good thing Google play store checks every application you install to your device. However, devices can still be attacked via the phone’s browser. To keep the security of your device, you might need an app to keep your device secure.


Below is a list of the top 10 antivirus application available in Google’s store. Included are brief descriptions of the applications.


AntiVirus Security


Android Antivirus

AVG is the best antivirus for computers. But it is now available on Google play store as android antivirus. This app maximizes your device’s storage, keeps track of malware and cleanses your device from any intruder. Other features include improving battery performance, data usage monitoring and storage. It does not only ensure the security of the device’s software but it also ensures its privacy as a whole. Should your device gets stolen, AVG helps you track your device down.


Mobile Security and Antivirus




AVAST is popular software company which developed the popular antivirus for PCs. It has recently joined Android too as Android Antivirus . This app works the same way that AVG works but with added features like creating a backup for messages, contacts, call logs and media files. With this app, users can also block unwanted contacts.


Norton Security Antivirus




It has features almost the same as AVAST and AVG but has additional features like the anti-theft. With the use of this app, you can also control the security of all your devices and create a backup for all your contacts. The app also improves the performance of your device.


Kaspersky Mobile Security Lite

This is the most powerful antivirus for PC. But the company behind this antivirus has made it available for Android as Android Antivirus. Aside from being an antivirus, it has also been developed to be an anti-theft app that lets you block or wipe your device should you lose your device or have it stolen.


Avira Free Android Security



This antivirus app is one of the favourites. It has almost the same features as the other antivirus app.


NQ Mobile Security




This antivirus also hosts several features similar to another antivirus. It has become the most trusted antivirus making it popular among Android users asAndroid Antivirus .


Dr. Web Antivirus Light



This antivirus is easy to use and user-friendly. With this app, you can do a full or quick scan. And even though it is just simple, it is still able to improve battery performance.


McAfee Antivirus and Security



This app is popular because of being an award-winning antivirus. It was first available for PC but now has become available for Android as Android Antivirus. This antivirus has the same features as with the other antivirus but also includes an alarm which acts as a locator.


Antivirus Free




Also one of the best-ranked antiviruses for PC is the Comodo Antivirus. Hosting the same features with another antivirus, it has now been available for Android as Android Antivirus.


Bitdefender Antivirus Free




Also included in the list of the best antivirus app is the Bitdefender. It has the same feature but is simpler and easier to use with no configuration needed and an operation free of hassle.


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