Introducing TravelCard, an External Battery for Smartphones

A Closer Look of the TravelCard

Battery has become a very crucial element in every smartphone, and this, sadly, is one of the major weaknesses of most smartphones today. For travellers, particularly, this is a dooming situation.

The good news for all smartphone users – be it an Android user or an iPhone user – is that an external battery is finally available in the market. TravelCard packs 1,300mAh battery and provides the user with five more hours of talk time, 4.5 hours of web browsing, and as much as 98 hours on standby. Manufactured by Go Design, TravelCard is very ideal because it is only as big as a credit card (with a width of 4.77), and is therefore easy to carry around wherever you are. It is also manageable to carry as it weighs only 56.7 grams. This can be attributed to the lightweight aluminum used for its build. The TravelCard is available in different colors, including black, white, sapphire blue, and silver.

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There’s no reason for users to be worry about using this external battery because TravelCard is certified by Apple under its MFI program. Kickstarter noted that TravelCard has reached the peak of funding, and there are only 23 days left for the funding project. The device can be purchased for a very affordable amount of $40 – $5 cheaper than its retail price. The device can be accessible by the public two months frm now.


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