A Step by Step Guide to Bypass Apple ID / iCloud ID on iPhone 4 with iOS 7.1

Guide to Bypass Apple ID / iCloud ID on iPhone 4

Apple users who are currently using an iPhone 4 running on iOS 7.1 now have the great opportunity to bypass the need for an iCloud ID or Apple ID. This article will focus exactly on teaching users how to do that. Note, however, that this guide is available only for the iPhone 4, so if you have a higher version of iPhone, do not proceed. As usual, before proceeding with the installation, here are some reminders and requirements that you need to satisfy to ensure that it will be successfully completed.

Important reminders:

  • This guide is for Windows users, so if you are a Mac user, then you cannot continue
  • Disable the Antivirus running on your device. Otherwise, the iOS soft dev pack will not be able to run

Download the following:

  • Download the Java JDK x86 tool here then install it
  • Download the iOS soft dev pack here then install it
  • Download Evasi0n 7 here


How to bypass Apple ID on iPhone 4 with iOS 7.1

  1. Place your phone on DFU Mode
  2. Run the ssh_rd tool by pressing 1
  3. Wait for the “Successful” notification to appear on your screen
  4. Press 2 in order to show your File system. If it does not appear, exit the window before opening it again and pressing 2
  5. Press 3 in order to copy the necessary files for the bypass.
  6. Your iPhone 4 will restart and will automatically be placed in Restore mode
  7. Exit Recovery by pressing 4


Congratulations! You have now successfully bypassed the Apple ID for your iPhone 4!

If you have questions, just post it through the comments section below.



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