How-To: Spy On Your WhatsApp Contact’s Last Seen With WhatsDog

Spy On Your WhatsApp Contact’s Last Seen With WhatsDog

Facebook has acquired the world’s most popular social chat app, WhatsApp. The very first thing that Facebook did was to add some features including privacy. Many users want to have privacy settings on WhatsApp so they can protect their profile pictures, WhatsAppstatus, last seen status etc. Some third party applications allow users to restrict their last seen, but that was manual and always turned off WiFi when the user connected to WhatsApp.

With WhatsApp privacy settings, it’s easy for users to hide their last seen status. This is inconvenient for some people, when you have to talk to a user keeping check on their availability and they suddenly hides the WhatsApp last seen status.

A new application, “WhatsDog. Your WhatsApp Watchdog”  made by Second Lemon allows users to spy on their WhatsAppcontacts activities. WhatsDog stays connected in and intelligently detects your contacts activity, it also records when they came online, how long they stayed online and when they left WhatsApp. All it needs is for you to add the number you want to spy on. WhatsDog has a nice calendar which shows a record of your contact’s activities within the date or time.

This is a guide that will explain how touse WhatsDog to spy on your contact’s activities and keep track of a person’s last seen status.



Spy On Your WhatsApp Contact’s Last Seen With WhatsDog

  1. Download WhatsDog and install on an Android device.
  2. Open the WhatsDog app in the app drawer
  3. Select or add the contacts, who’s last seen status or activity you want to monitor.
  4. Wait for WhatsDog to activate
  5. When you are done done, WhatsDog will begin sending and receiving activity notifications.
  6. Explore WhatsDog settings, set notificationtones and other options.
  7. The calender button will be at the top of this application. Here you can find a history of your chosen contacts activities.

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