Sharing Folders Between Android Devices With Bluetooth

Guide on Sharing Folders Between Android Devices With Bluetooth

Transferring multiple files via Bluetooth can take a lot of time because you cannot transfer folders through Bluetooth. Most people transfer files via memory card to PC instead.


But there is a certain application to allow you to share a whole folder with other Android device via Bluetooth. This tutorial will show how to do it.


Sharing Folders Via Bluetooth


Step 1: Get the “Software Data Cable” app and install it the devices where sharing will take place.


Download from Play store



Step 2: Open the application on those two devices.


Step 3: Go to the sender’s device and click “Join my friends” > select “Create Direct Push Network” > “Enter your specific name” and click OK. We will use “John Kennedy” for the name.


Step 4: Go to the receiver’s phone this time and click “Join my friends” > “Join Direct Push Network” > “Enter your specific name” and hit OK. In this device, we will use the name “Lisa Smith”.


Step 5: The receiver’s device will now detect the available direct push network. The name “John Kennedy” will appear.


Step 6: Click on that name and you will be asked to grant permission for the two devices. As soon as you grant permission, a prompt message will appear to ask you to remember the network. You may or may not grant according to your preference.


Step 7: By this time, both devices are now connected to each other and can now start sharing.


Step 8: Go to the “Storage” tab > Press and hold a folder you want to share. A pop-up menu will appear. From that menu, tap Direct Push > “Trasnfer Started”.


Step 9: The files will be received in the “Received” tab. And it’s done!


You can now transfer more files.

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