How-To: Root Your Devices Using Towel Root v1 Apk

The Towel Root v1 Apk

Geohot has released a rooting tool for Android devices.  Using this, you can root AT&T or Verizon Samsung Galaxy S5.  Not only that, but you can probably use it to root almost all Android devices that were released before June 3, 2014.

Download and Install Towelroot v1 on your Android devices:

  1. Go to the main website of towelroot v 1 and download it
  2. Install towelroot apk file with app installer.
  3. When the apk is installed, go to app menu and tap towelroot app.
  4. When towelroot opens tap “make it ra1n”.
  5. After a few minutes the device will be rooted.

If you face any kind of issue you can join the thread created by the developer on XDA forum. There you can post your issues and you’ll get the solution.


Have you installed Towelroot V3?

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