Secret Codes For Galaxy SIII

Last updated: July 1, 2020.

Quick Look of the Secret Codes for Galaxy SIII

You can unlock hidden features of your Galaxy SIII with the help of these secret codes.

Each Android device has secret codes that can unlock maintenance tasks and reveal information about the device. Samsung Galaxy SIII has codes that are exclusively used on them. They may not have that serious help but they are fun.

Galaxy SIII Secret Codes


  1. Open Dialer


You can access these secret codes in with the use of the dialer so make sure you open your dialer. The #1234# will display some information about your phone’s version.


Galaxy SIII

  1. Hardware And Software


If you want to know the version of the software that your S3 has, just key in the code, #12580369#. The code will not only display the information about the software but of the hardware as well. When you’re done, simple tick on the home button to exit.



  1. Information About The Battery


The most important code for Samsung S3 is this, *#0228#. This code will display the status of your battery including the voltage, overall charge level as well as the temperature. You can also determine whether you have a faulty battery or not.


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