Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 P3100 Updated To Android 4.2.2 Xperience Jelly Bean Custom Firmware

Last updated: February 25, 2020.

Update Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 P3100

Sony has the best Stock Firmware, the Xperience. If you want this Firmware in your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0, this article will tell you how. This ROM is like the latest Android 4.2.2 firmware from Sony. It includes apps like Sony’s famous Walkman, Albums and Movies. You can enhance Audio with its equalizer. You can also still social media using Facebook inside Xperia or the Timeline.


You can install that Custom ROM to your Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 P3100 with the help of this tutorial. But first things first, run a backup of all you data such as call logs, contacts, and messages. This will keep your data intact when we wipe the factory settings of your device.



You will need the ROM of course. Download the Xperience 2.1 Android 4.2.2 ROM Link . Make sure also that you have the right Samsung USB Drivers. You can also download them online.


Things to remember:


Make sure your device is rooted. Have the CWM Recovery installed on your device? The battery level requirement is at least 85%. You cannot try this tutorial on other Galaxy Tab model except the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0.


How to install:


  1. Download the ROM online. But do not extract it yet.
  2. Using the original USB cable, connect your Galaxy Tab 2 to the PC.
  3. Get the downloaded file and copy and paste to the root of the SD Card.
  4. Detach your device from the computer.
  5. Switch your device off.
  6. Hold down the Power and Volume Up keys until some on-screen text appears. This will divert you to the recovery mode.
  7. Select “Wipe Cache”.
  8. Go to “Advance” and select “Dalvik Wipe Cache”. By doing so, you will not get stuck in a boot loop.
  9. Select “Wipe Data/Factory Reset”
  10. Go to the “choose zip from SC card” from the “Install zip from SD Card”
  11. Choose the file you downloaded and pasted in the SD Card. You will be taken to the next screen where you have to confirm installation.
  12. Reboot system when the process  finished.

You now have Android 4.2.2 Xperience Jelly Bean Custom Firmware update to your Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 P3100. Allow 5 minutes to pass before trying out the first run.

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