Install Android Apps On Windows On Full Screen Mode

How to Install Android Apps On Windows

Install Android Apps on Windows using Bluestacks is a great solution if you want to try the Android app.

Android’s popularity has grown that it has become the most preferred operating system. Because of this, Android has developed its gears to cope up with the demands. Its popularity is credited to Android’s open source as well as its very stable Android Marketplace. As of now, there are 600,000 Android applications in the Android Market. After all, this is something that Apple and Nokia cannot cope up with.

In short, this article will help you run Android apps on a Windows computer.


Using Bluestacks On Windows


  1. The BlueStacks automatically become part of your PC as one of its gadgets upon installation.


  1. An introductory video of how to use BlueStacks will be shown during the installation.


  1. You can find the launching icon of the BlueStacks at the top right of the Windows home screen. It will also be added to the Program menu at the Start button. Furthermore, you can use of these to open the BlueStacks.




  1. To use the app, click on either of the icons. The BlueStacks will launch all apps to full screen. Then, make a selection with the use of the mouse. You can find options at the bottom. These options include ‘Go Back’, ‘Menu’, ‘close’, ‘all apps’, ‘zoom apps’ and ‘rotate apps’.


  1. If you click on Pulse, for instance, it will show all the recent news. You can navigate through this app and use it as it is like you would on an Android device. You can do the same with other apps.




  1. ‘Get Apps’ option will allow downloading of news apps to BlueStacks aside from the one you already have. The list is limitless.




Send Apps To BlueStacks From Android


You can test Android apps in your phone on your PC. Just send them to BlueStacks. But you need to first download the BlueStacks Cloud Connect Android apps. You will also need a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection.


You can find the BlueStacks Cloud Connect app for Android in Android Apps Labs portal.


BlueStacks App Channels

If the BlueStacks App channel is not available, you can check later. Find ‘Get More Apps’. Open it and it will bring you to

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