How To: Use RUU To Update Or Install Stock Android On HTC Devices

Stock Android On HTC Devices

Rom Update Utility for HTC is their equivalent to Sony Flashtool or Odin in Samsung.  They allow HTC devices to install updates.

HTC devices get updates via over the air in different regions at different times.  You can also, however, flash such an update manually with RUU.

There are specific RUU apps for specific HTC devices so, if you want to update your device or install stock Android on it, you need to download the RUU tool that is for your particular device model.

In this post, were going to show you how you can get RUU and use it to update or install stock Android on an HTC device.  Before we do so, let us briefly run down the uses of RUU.

  1. Can get your phone out of bootloop

If something goes wrong with your HTC phone, like if it gets interrupted while getting an OTA, it could get stuck in a bootloop.  This means that it will restart over and over again but will not boot into the homescreen.

If you are stuck in bootloop, there are only two ways to solve this.  Either you flash a nandroid backup if you have it, or you use RUU to flash a stock Android Firmware.

  1. If you are not able to update your phone with OTA

If you are unable to update your phone via OTA or if you haven’t got the OTA, you can always update your phone manually with RUU.


Prepare your phone:

  1. HTC devices are the only ones that can use RUU. Trying to get this tool on another device could cause problems in that device.
  2. There are specific versions of RUU for specific HTC phones and also for the regions they belong to. Make sure you get the right one on your phone.  You can find RUU on the web.
  3. Have a well-charged battery, around at least 30 percent or more.
  4. Have a back up of all your important contacts, messages and call logs.
  5. Enable phone’s USB debugging mode by going to Settings>Developer options> USB debugging> Check
  6. Have an OEM cable on hand to make a connection between your phone and the PC.
  7. If you have antivirus or firewall programs active on your PC, turn them off first.
  8. If you are rooted, use Titanium Backup on your apps and app data.
  9. If you have a custom recovery, use it to back up your system.

Note: The methods needed to flash custom recoveries, roms and to root your phone can result in bricking your device.  Rooting your device will also void the warranty and it will no longer be eligible for free device services from manufacturers or warranty providers.  Be responsible and keep these in mind before you decide to proceed on your own responsibility.  In case a mishap occurs, we or the device manufacturers should never be held responsible.


Troubleshooting: Phone in bootloop

  1. First, reboot your device in bootloader by turning it off then turning it back on by pressing and holding down the volume down and power buttons.
  2. After rebooting your device in bootloader, you must then follow the guide to using RUU.

Using RUU:

  1. Download a RUU.exe file onto your PC. Double click to open it.
  2. After passing the initial instructions, install it to get the RUU panel.
  3. Connect your phone and your PC. Verify the install instructions that appear on-screen and then click on next.
  4. RUU should start verifying your phone’s information now.
  5. When RUU has verified everything, it will inform you about what current version of Android your device runs and which version you can update to.
  6. Click next. Whatever on-screen instructions appear, follow them.
  7. Installation will take around 10 minutes. Once it is done, disconnect your phone from PC.
  8. Restart your phone.

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Have you used RUU to update your HTC device?

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