Change Color Background On Galaxy Note 2

The Need to Change Color Background On Galaxy Note 2

One of the most obvious reasons why new launchers have been developed is because of the black background which is oftentimes annoying. These launchers are available online for free.


Android is very easy to customize. However, in some ways, customization can also be limited. These limitations include setting the background as well as changing the background of the app drawer. The limitations can be easily modified with the help of custom launchers. However, some people still choose to keep their stock launcher but would also want to change background. This is still possible. This tutorial will show the way how.


An app called XBackground was developed by the XDA Senior Member xperiacle. This app enables modification of some of the elements of your device including the background color and the notification panel. The guide below lets us go through this process specifically in the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. To get started, have your device rooted.


Check: Root Samsung Galaxy Note 2


Installing XBackground on Galaxy Note 2


Step 1: Download the Xposed Installer app

Step 2: Open the app and install or update

Step 3: Reboot the device.

Step 4: Download XBackground and install on the device.

Step 5: Activate the app in Xposed Installer and reboot.

Step 6: Open the app from your app drawer. You can now start altering your device’s background. This is the process:


Tick the color and choose from the colorpicker. This changes the Holo dark background with a color.

Un-tick the colorbox and choose an image from your gallery to change the Holo dark background with an image.

Reboot your device everytime you change so that the changes will apply.




Step 7: This concludes the tutorial.


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