Change Default Alert Ringtones On Android Devices

Selecting Desired Ringtones

Android devices became the well-loved device because of its open source operating system. Being an open source, it gives everyone free right to develop the device. Should you wish to change ringtones and alert tones, you can easily do so every now and then. So the process is easy and simple.

There are many ways to find new ringtones. You usually go to the Android Play Store and get the ringtones there. You can get tailored search results by changing the search settings. This way you get the exactly desired results. When you have downloaded the tones that you like, you can now start going through with this tutorial to set those tones and use them as notification alerts, message tones or ringtones.



The steps here to change ringtone are applicable to any android version.


  • Go to the Menu > Settings > Sound in your mobile phone.




  • Next, go to the Phone ringtone and notification alert tone in the sound area. You can see a list of pre-installed tones when you tap on each tone. These are factory default tones. They are commonly found in almost all smartphones. Then, pressing on a tone will play it automatically. You should be able to determine each sound so you can select your preferred tone.




  • Moreover, below is a sample of notification tone selection.




  • Then, tap OK to apply the sound of your choice.


This is how to change the ringtone.


Change Alarm Tone


These are the steps to change the alarm tone of your Android device.


  • Go to the Clock app and it will be immediately direct to the Alarm settings.




  • This screenshot shows what the option is like.




  • Then, tap on the alarm set in your device. You will be directed to the settings.




  • Tap on the Alarm tone. You will find a selection of tones, search for the sound of your choice. You can also choose a tone by going to your files. Then, scan through the tonnes listed in the folder and choose the tone you prefer. Tap OK to apply it.




You can also find an option to control notification alarm tone in this setting.


Change Message Tone


The procedures below will now take us through changing the message tone of your device.


  • Tap the Menu button from the Message folder


  • Then, go to the Settings option.


  • You will find the notifications option at the bottom. Choose ringtone found under the notification settings.




  • This option also has the tap on and off to enable or disable tone as well as a selection of ringtones to choose from. Then, tap to select the ringtone and Ok to apply.




Use Song As Ringtone


You can also use a song as a ringtone. This song has to be stored in a folder on your SD card.


  • Go to your music player and tap the menu button. Then, select the Set As option.




  • There will be three options to choose from, the Caller ringtone, Phone ringtone and Alarm tone.




  • Then, tapping on the caller ringtone will direct you to your contacts. Moreover, you can assign this ringtone to the contact that you select. You will then be directed back to the music player after assigning the tone.




  • So every time this contact calls, the assigned ringtone will play.


Android device supports any type of media file format. This is why Android is the most sought after device.

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