Review On HTC One M8 After One Year

HTC One M8 After One Year

HTC has improved a lot in past couple of years especially with the release of M7 it really stepped up the game and took it onto a whole another level with the release of M8 which has followed the footsteps of the prior phone when it comes to the design and metallic body however it’s much more modified processor made it quite a successful release a lot of people went for it, this post will shed some light on HTC one M8 and what happened after using it for one year was the charm still there? Or was it a hasty decision to buy it in the first place?



  • When it comes to the hardware M8 may not have actually survived the one year challenge because it is one of the few phones I bothered to buy a case for. I did not care about protecting my phones until M8 came into the picture.
  • I damaged it in my first fall it did get bumps and marks all around.
  • My phone is always tucked away in the deepest pits of my bag and all the stuff is loaded on it, my M8 after one year is showing apparent signs of wear and tear and pitched metal.
  • The real downer is the Dot View case which is typically complicated to handle at first and can steer the customers away if they find it too annoying.
  • It is definitely one of the phones that can slip from your hands pretty easily and can result in scrapes and marks as compared to the phone of Samsung which are large enough example Note 4 but they still are easier to hold on to.
  • There is no doubt that M8 is one of the most beautiful looking phones but few drops can really snatch the beauty away and it will lose the charm.
  • All in all the slippery attribute of the phone can be a serious deal breaker.


Htc 2


  • If you are using a phone, you definitely do not want it to shoot good images on few days and bad on other this is not how it should work.
  • The ultra-pixel technology that was introduced increased the expectations but in the end of the day it did not fit well.
  • The dual lens defocusing option was not very appealing for most of the people.
  • The camera of M8 has not received great reviews people complained about low resolution and noisy pictures.
  • While some thought that the ultra-pixel technology did not work in the favor of the phone others had a totally different view and they were glad to have this feature and that is because they were able to click pictures in dark.
  • The biggest downer is the inability to click efficient shots with the new duo camera and feature and also not to share the pictures steered the people away.


HTc 3

  • M8 is one of the few phones released with the updated lollipop version and that too in a very timely way which is why HTC should be commended.
  • I haven’t really encountered much change in my phone even with new update.
  • However the lock screen notification looks rendered along with the other smart features.
  • There is still some room for improvement when it comes to the do- not disturb function.
  • HTC was not among the first to have an upgrade but its concept of mixing it with Sense 6 without any visible deductions was highly applauded.
  • HTC lollipop also allows you to completely silent your phone like it used to happen in the good old days.
  • However there is a bit bug when it comes to the Google Fit features which HTC knows about and is working on as well.
  • The fact that sense and lollipop are working so well together is astonishing is definitely pulling large number of customers.
  • However the Android is unique and it doesn’t generally have one “right” approach to do UI, however we’ve seen a lot of instances of organizations doing it off-base. HTC has been doing an awesome job offering their own particular programming while staying off the beaten path of general Android UI outline, and Lollipop offers additional proof of this. At the point when contrasted with the endeavors of the other forked forms of Android, it feels like HTC’s UI group offers the most finish thought to date.

Thoughts after using it for a year:

Htc 4

  • Even after using it for a year HTC is still one of the fastest phones I have ever used.
  • The camera is okay but it is nothing in comparison to LG G3 and Note 4 there is still a room of improvement there. The camera is downer and it can no way be compared to phones of today.
  • Now all hopes are pinned to M9 will it be able to make up for everything that HTC m8 lacks or will it be a disappointment to the users?
  • The other aspects of the phone are great may it be the screen or its powerful hardware that can handle anything been thrown at it.
  • The phone is no doubt very hard to hold on to due to the slippery exterior.
  • All in all having an M8 is a fair option if you can ignore the camera for now.
  • HTC needs to work a lot when it comes to the rear camera otherwise it is a good choice.
  • HTC has already made the consumers pretty happy with all its releases till now and will continue on doing so if they improve a little bit.


Now it’s the time for you to share your opinions we shared ours and we have reached the conclusion that phone has not aged much but there is still some scope. Leave us your opinions and questions if you have so in the comment box below.


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