What To Do: If Your HTC One M8’s Camera Crashes In Portrait Mode

HTC One M8’s Camera

The HTC One M8 is a great device, one of the best to ever come from HTC.  However, there is a rather common and annoying problem facing HTC One M8 users, this is the issue of crashing problems when you try to use the camera in portrait mode.

The crashing problem seems to be a result of a couple of apps, the LastPass and Password Manager apps.  The quickest fix is to either delete the apps or use another camera app.  We have another solution though and we’ve included it below.

Fix HTC One M8 Camera Crashing Problem In Portrait Mode:

  1. Open the Last Pass app and then login in by using your id/pass.
  2. You should now be in the Last Pass interface.
  3. While in the Last Pass interface, select preferences.
  4. From preferences, select Edit App Associaions.
  5. Select camera.
  6. Select “do not show fill window”.

Have you fixed your HTC One M8’s camera crashing problem?

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