Evaluating the Beats Music App

Last updated: July 1, 2020.

Beats Music App Review


The brand Beats is often associated by people with any kind of high-end, pricey audio equipment as well as with upbeat, funky music. However, in 2012, Beats made public its plans of penetrating the streaming music industry with its acquisition of MOG Music, and finally by presenting its own streaming offering under the name Beats Music.

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Here are some notable features of Beats Music:

  • It provides unlimited streaming music for a given fee per month.
  • Something unique that Beats Music offers is that it has a team of credible and well-known curators that will assist users in picking the music that they can listen to. This is what sets it apart from other streaming sites, and understandably, it has become a selling point of the system.
  • Some freebies: Beats Music provides a free seven-day trial for everyone who will sign up. It also gives a web interface as well as some mobile applications.

Beats Music App Layout

  • Beats Music has four panels that help you to enjoy your music experience:
    • The Sentence, which allows you to select words that portray your location, the people that you are with, as well as what you are doing at a given time.
    • Find It lets you look for songs based on curators, music genres, or activities.
    • Just for You, which provides music suggestions based on the music, artist, and genre that you listen to.
    • Highlights, as the name implies, are highlights of your music streaming experience.
  • The app has a web interface (beatsmusic.com) in which you can utilize the music search, Highlights, and the Just for You panels.


The overall experience provided by Beats Music

The first time that Beats Music was released to the public had been quite disastrous because the app was problematic with bugs and other system problems. But the team persevered in solving these problems and launched a handful of updates to address the issues. Some of these issues, however, still remain unfixed, such as the following:

  • Beats Music continuously asks the user to log in. It can’t seem to remember the login credentials of the user.
  • Removing your headphones may randomly cause your music playback to stop
  • When you hang up from a phone call, the app also randomly launches on




The issues that were successfully resolved by the updates are the following:

  • The interface of Beats Music has been improved. It remains true to the brand as the Beats Music app is mostly black and white, with a touch of colors that make it appear lively.


Beats Music curators

As mentioned earlier, the main selling point of Beats Music is its curators. This capacity is highlighted on the main interface of the app, and for users who would prefer to look for a particular song or artist, this option is located on the left slide-in panel. Beats Music takes pride in its music suggestions, and this is the reason why they feature it prominently.




Some points on Beats Music’s suggestions:

  • The app has a Find It page that shows the music suggestions
  • The suggestions of the app are based on a list provided by curators – who are real, living, breathing humans
  • The curators can be “followed” a la Twitter so that you would immediately be updated of their list
  • The list of these curators can be added to your music Library, and it may be also shared on your social media site such as Facebook or Twitter.
  • There are also some groups and artists that you may follow
  • There are numerous activities (eg. partying, working, etc.) which has their own music list
  • Users have a choice of 30 music genres


How much it costs

  • The monthly cost for a subscription to Beats Music is $9.99 or an annual fee of $119.88. This brings it at par with other music streaming apps
  • For AT&T subscribers, users can enjoy the Beats Music app for free for a period of three months.
  • For users with Mobile Share plans, the app can be availed for a monthly fee of $15 for a so-called family pack. This pack can have as much as five people, so that equates to $3 per person.
  • The subscription provides you unlimited access to everything that the Beats Music app has to offer.
  • It also lets you download music so that you can listen to it offline


The verdict




Beats Music app is on the so-so edge of the music streaming industry mostly because of the numerous bugs that continue to plague it. Its selling point of curation and music suggestions may also not be a favorable feature for everyone, especially those who takes pride in their music Library and who likes choosing their own songs. The price is also the same as other music streaming apps, so Beats Music does not have the advantage of a lower price to get the attention of several people.


All in all, Beats Music may be an appealing music streaming application for those people who wants to continuously learn of new people and new music.


Have you tried using the Beats Music app? What do you have to say about it?



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