Out of Milk, a Simple List Organizer App Review for Everyone

Last updated: July 1, 2020.

List Organizer App Review

App review for shopping lists are increasingly becoming popular and in-demand because of the actual need for it. It is practically a must-have especially when you are with a large group of people. Going to groceries can easily confuse you and make you forget at least one thing, so creating your list beforehand is very helpful to ensure that you are always on track and that you don’t miss anything. What is more helpful is an app that can actually help you keep track of a number of groceries that you have left – and that is exactly what a list organizer app like Out of Milk does for you.

The List Organizer App basics (and the likeable things about the app)

Setting up your list

  • Out of Milk has two major categories: the first is Shopping List, and the second is Pantry List.
  • You can organize the major categories further into different lists. For instance, you may categorize the shopping trip based on the recipe or the store where you will buy the goods.

List Organizer App


  • The app allows you to specify the quantity that you need to buy as well as the price per unit. It automatically calculates the total price based on the amount that you provided.


  • The total price computed also indicates the total sales tax. You may edit this feature in the Settings menu.


From Shopping to Pantry

  • You can move items on your Shopping List to your Pantry List by simply long pressing the item, tapping it, and pressing Move. 

The Pantry List

  • The Pantry List has two pre-set lists: the first is Spice Rack and the second is Essentials, which includes common cooking ingredients.
  • Moreover, you can edit the amount you have left on an item by inputting the actual amount or by using the slider bar.


Other cool features

  • The app is customizable


  • It lets you add items on your Shopping List by simply barcode scanning. This can be done on any product


  • It has a to-do list that allows you to create reminders for certain tasks
  • You can send your lists! This can be done on different platforms such as through e-mail, SMS, or social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.
  • If you can send it, you can also share it. Out of Milk allows you to “add friends” on the app itself.

The verdict

Out of Milk is an extraordinary list organizer app that lets you enjoy your grocery. It is a very helpful tool for anyone, especially those who are in dire need of a simple list maker so that you are always on track. Moreover, the premium version of Out of Milk costs only $5 – a very affordable price for the very cool features it provides.

In addition, what’s amazing about this app is that it simplifies the way you do things. You don’t even have to type everything manually as it allows you to input items by scanning the barcode. It also helps you in computing the total of your items, and it assists you in keeping track of your basic needs so that you are always well stocked up.

It is a definite must try.

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