What To Do: If You Want To Disable The Lock Screen Notification On Your iPhone Or iPad

Last updated: April 1, 2020.

Disable The Lock Screen Notification On Your iPhone Or iPad

Lock screen notification is a function by which you get a notification of messages or updates from Facebook, Whatsapp and other apps on your lock screen.  While some might find them helpful, others find it annoying.

If your one of those who could live without getting notifications on their lock screen, we have a guide you can use to disable it.


Disable Lock Screen Notification on iPhone/iPad:

Step#1: Tap on settings on your iDevice.


Step#2: Tap Notification


Step#3: Tap on the app that has been giving screen notifications, for example, Messages.


Step#4: In the settings of the App there show be an option “Show on lock screen”.  Tap this to disable it.

Step#5: You can also disable sound notification by tapping on “Notification Sound” and selecting none.

Repeat this steps until you’ve disabled notifications from all the apps you don’t want to get lock screen notifications from.

Have you disabled lock screen notifications on your iPhone or iPad?

Share your experience in the comments box below.


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