Trying Out the JBL Flip, the Best Bluetooth Speaker Right Now

The JBL Flip

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There are tons of Bluetooth speakers available in the market right now, and consumers are left wondering which one to buy. Some are ahead of the game because they have already gained popularity, such as Jambox¸ while others are still the “unheard of” in the market. JBL Flip is exactly in the second category.

Reviewing the Bluetooth speakers would show that not one seems to be perfect – there would always be a compromising factor, be it in terms of sound quality or price or portability. The JBL Flip speaker is surprisingly not one of those speakers: it provides a great balance between those factors mentioned. In short, it’s one of the best Bluetooth speakers out there.



What you need to know about JBL Flip

  • It is a portable Bluetooth speaker
  • It can stream audio from phones, tablets, or computers wirelessly
  • Audio can be done through a 3.5-millimeter stereo jack
  • Behind the aluminium, grille is the two speaker drivers and controls for the speakerphone, power, and volume
  • The speaker is available in black and white and costs $99
  • You can use it two ways: portrait or landscape.


JBL Flip


Evaluating the JBL Flip Bluetooth Speaker

On build quality and design

  • The design of the speaker is smartly done because (as said earlier) you can use it even when it is laying flat on your desk or when it is standing upright.
  • It has a cylindrical shape that makes it easy to pick up and use
  • The white variant of the speaker is remarkable and overall, it looks sturdy.
  • A downside is the rubber heel used is about 0.75 inches long and can be easily removed.
  • The controls are clicky and can be used even when you are not looking. The speaker phone and power buttons are both circular, but the one for the speaker is raised while the one for power is depressed. Meanwhile, the buttons for the volumes are semi-circular.




Ports and other features

  • The charging area of the JBL Flip uses the common AC adapter setup
  • It has the standard aux-in port





  • Bluetooth connectivity works well and battery life is at least 5 hours


Sound quality

  • JBL Flip produces excellent sound. It is way better than the famous brands out there like Jambox.
  • Its dual speakers produce a peak output of 10W
  • Loudness is great – it can easily fill a room despite its size
  • Bass presence is also remarkable.


The Verdict




Behold – we could just have come across the best Bluetooth speaker out there right now. The JBL Flip is definitely on top of the list right now, especially for small speakers. It is portable and provides excellent sound. Despite the charger that could become a bit of a nuisance whenever you travel and the relatively short battery life, the JBL Flip has such an amazing design that those two minor shortcomings are easily neglected. Plus the fact that it is offered for only $99 – THAT is a very great deal. JBL provides you the best value for your money.


What do you think of this awesome device?



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