Plantronics Backbeat Fit Review: The Best Companion for the Athletic Ones

Plantronics Backbeat Fit Review

The minimalistic Plantronics Backbeat GO 2 was one of the best Bluetooth earphones ever made: it’s small, comfortable, and very handy. The only negative point about the Backbeat GO 2 is the overbearing feel of the earbuds especially when running. The Plantronics Backbeat Fit was a welcome solution to this problem; like the Backbeat GO 2, the Backbeat Fit is handy, with the added bonus of being wire-free and stable even during physical activities.




The basic controls of the headset are as follows:

  • Power button: small button at the right ear module
  • Answering and ending calls: large button at the right ear module
  • Volume up: small button at the left ear module
  • Volume down: press and hold the volume up button
  • Play, pause: large button at the left ear module
  • Skip track: double tap play button


The cons:

  • The volume down and skip track controls take some time to muster. Instead of skipping a track, for instance, you might find yourself pausing and playing the track a few times before you’re finally able to know the speed to double press the button.
  • The Backbeat Fit has no multi-point support to connect two Bluetooth devices. It’s only usable one device at a time.



The Plantronics Backbeat Fit has a premium design that is perfect for people with an active lifestyle. It has an around-the head design followed by almost all sports headsets, with a lot of good points such as a flexible neck strap, lighter weight, and extensive battery life. It is also made of rubbery material from the neck strap to the ear stabilizers.



The colors primarily used for the device is black with accents of blue or green with a reflective portion at the neck band. It’s stable because of three components: (1) a canal-shaped ear tip that is angled in such a way that sound is directed into the ear and is also slightly deeper than normal earphones; (2) a small loop counter-stabilizer located opposite the tip which should be hooked on ear’s cartilage; and (3) a big ear loop. The small loop and the ear tip can be rotated by 15 degrees so that it is somehow customizable to different ear types.



The MicroUSB port for the charger is hidden at the right ear module. There’s also a microphone hole near the mouth area in both right and left ear modules. The Backbeat Fit also comes with a neoprene double-sided case – one side has a black body that has a small pocket for cards, keys, and other whatnots, while the other side has an adjustable blue or green armband. But then the case would only fit phones that are 5” at most. So if you have an iPhone 6 or other large phones… you’d end up hating the case because you can’t use it.



The pros:

  • Unlike the Backbeat GO 2, it fits perfectly. There’s no need to readjust the headset every once in a while. The trick to find the perfect fit in a matter of seconds is to start the adjustments first on the ear tip, then the counter-stabilizer, then the big ear loop.
  • It’s stable. Once it’s fit on your head, it stays there until you decide to remove it. The Backbeat Fit doesn’t move, even if you run or stretch or bend or bob your head.
  • Design allows you to move freely without worrying about wire tangles and the like
  • Functional two-in-one case

Sound Quality

The Backbeat Fit has excellent sound quality, similar to the Sennheiser CX’ line of earphones. It provides clear music and the volume gets sufficiently loud when you want to. Callers can also clearly be heard during voice calls, and vice versa.


One of Backbeat Fit’s remarkable features is that it still keeps you aware of your surroundings – it doesn’t cancel the noise so you still know when a car honks or if someone calls you.

Battery Life

The battery life of the Backbeat Fit is rated at 8 hours of music listening – and that is fairly accurate – while standby time is 2 weeks. Charging takes anywhere from 1 to 2 hours, and it’s convenient because of the MicroUSB cable. The Backbeat Fit also has the DeepSleep mode that automatically activates when the connected device is away from the earphones. This allows the Backbeat Fit to last by 6 months with only a single charge.


The verdict

Backbeat Fit is the perfect headset for anyone with an active lifestyle. It’s stable, has good fit, excellent battery life, and remarkable sound quality, with the only downside of having no multi-point support and a case that’s only good for 5” or smaller phones. But those cons are just basic; the headset excels in everything that matters.

It’s a perfect match for me. Is it the same for your case? Share your comments below!


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