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Six different headsets for the mobile users, all of which have a built-in microphone.

Smartphones are increasingly adopting the functionalities of most other devices such as your GPS or MP3 player. Because of the continuous developments in these phones, more and more people are turning towards it, thus leaving the market share of the stand-alone portable devices at a huge risk. Arguably, stand-alone devices still provide the better quality – for instance, MP3 players are better audio – but there are some headsets that come with smartphones that deserve their own spotlight.


Klipsch Image S2m (or X1m in Europe)

Basic things to know about the S2m/X1m:

  • Klipsch already has an established reputation in the audio market, but it’s only recently that it tried producing in-ear earphones
  • The design of the S2m is based on the Klipsch Image X2 and the Klipsch Image X5.
  • You can buy it for $40


MP3 player


The good points:

  • Build quality is great although there is a lot of cord contact noise whenever it is moved.
  • Similarly, the S2m has excellent sound isolation
  • The earphones allow for deep insertion because it has a slim housing. The Oval Gel ear tips also allow for this without making the user feel uncomfortable
  • The S2m has a strong bass with a smooth midrange. There is also less focus on the treble
  • Ideal for people who like the more common sounds

The points to improve:

  • Sound quality is not to clear
  • The S2m also has a crowded soundscape.
  • Instruments are not individually separated


Meelectronics M9P

Basic things to know about the M9P:

  • A new entrant in the audio market
  • You buy it at price of $35
  • The M9P has had several revisions since it was the first release for two years ago


MP3 player


The good points:

  • The latest M9P has an aluminum shell
  • It also has a lightweight cable that is also said to keep you from worrying about tangles
  • It has excellent external noise isolation
  • The earphones have several pack-ins, and the package also comes with silicon ear cushions so that it would fit anyone perfectly
  • The MP9 has a V-Shaped sound signature because of its focus on treble and base frequency bands
  • The midrange is clear and reasonably detailed.

The points to improve:

  • The MP9 loses momentum at 14kHz
  • It has little control when the volume is high
  • It has low-end drivers in top-end extension
  • The MP9 is not for those people who don’t like hearing too much treble or bass


Thinksound TS02

Basic things to know about the TS02:

  • Thinksound produce the earphones are based on the idea of environmental awareness. Hence, the company’s products are mostly made from cabling without PVC, recycled materials, and wood obtained from renewable forests.
  • The earphones cost $90



The good points:

  • The housing of the earphone is also slim and the overall design of the TS02 is remarkable.
  • The TS02 has a smartphone-like feature
  • The earphones have a crisp treble, a distinct bass, and thick sounds
  • The quality of sound produced is relaxing, making it ideal for those people who prefer listening to carefree audio.

The points to improve:

  • The TS02 is not as clear as other earphones


Nuforce NE-7M

Basic things to know about the NE-7M:

  • Nuforce first produced amps for desktop computers as well as digital-to-analog converters. It is only a few years back that the company tried producing earphones.
  • You can buy it for $50




The good points:

  • Excellent in terms of noise isolation
  • Ideal for those who like comfortable listening because of its straight-barrel form factor
  • The NE-7M has little cord contact noise so you won’t be too worried about it.
  • Has heavy bass with an expansion on the mid-bass frequencies so that the earphones produced compact sounds while still remaining polished.
  • The earphones also produce clear sounds that anyone would easily come to love.


Etymotic Research MC3

Basic things to know about the MC3:

  • Etymotic Research prides itself as the leading company in producing in-ear technology. The company has a long history in manufacturing these products, which started as far back as two decades ago.
  • Moreover, the MC series of earphones is a kind of dynamic-driver that is the first in the market today.
  • Price of the MC3 is $100



The good points:

  • Impressive design and build quality
  • Earphones are good for deep penetration. Etymotic Research has provided the package with several ear tips so that users would feel comfortable using it.
  • It has a three-button remote that also allows incompatible devices to still use the mic or mute button.
  • Those who are using in-ear technology for the first time need not worry
  • Noise isolation is exemplary and could be the best in the market today
  • The MC3 earphones have a warranty good for two years
  • Provides a balanced sound

The points to improve:

  • The source of the sound needs to provide good quality as well.
  • Sound quality depends on the fit of the MC3. If you seal it well on the ears, then the sound quality is excellent. But if the fit is not so good, then you may find that the earphones need more bass
  • The MC3 is not as dynamic as other earphones


Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 5vi (now called Ultimate Ears 600)

Basic things to know about the 5vi:

  • Ultimate Ears has been trying to reinvent its earphones so that it would attract the attention of a broader range of audience.
  • It costs $65




The good points:

  • The Super.FI 5vi is very comfortable to use. The fit is perfect, with no need for extreme readjustments. People also won’t have any trouble using it because it is easy to use
  • Has a mid-centric sound quality
  • Focus of the sound is on the vocals.
  • Equally important, balance is a key defining factor of the Super.FI 5vi – the bass is restrained and the midrange is pleasant.

The points to improve:

  • Build quality looks less premium than other earphones because it used plastics and non-replaceable cables.
  • Moreover, the earphones lose momentum at too high or too low frequencies
  • The Super.FI 5vi does not have the low bass reverb of other earphones


Headsets: The verdict

As with many other things, your choice of headset would greatly depend on your preference – do you like sounds with heavy bass? Treble? Or a soothing, calm, quality? All of the six headsets reviewed have their notable qualities, and it is a sure thing that whatever you choose, you will not feel robbed of your money.

The Meelectronics M9P is highly recommended for those looking for a budget headset that still provides a good quality. Klipsch X1m (or S2m in Europe) is popular in Europe, while the Nuforce Ne-7M is ideal for those who like gentle listening and the Thinksound TS02 is great for polished sounds.

The most expensive headsets among the bunch are the Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 5vi and the Etymotic Research MC3, both of which have their own signature sounds.

Which among those headsets do you prefer and why?

Finally, share your experience in the comment section box below



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