How To: Transfer Files From PC To Android Using ES File Explorer

Last updated: July 1, 2020.

Transfer Files From PC To Android

Every year, Google releases a new version of Android.  One of the most important things that distinguish Android from other OS’s and iOS is its ability to allow the seamless transfer of files from one device to another.  You just connect an Android device to a PC with a data cable and you can then drag a bunch of files to your device to transfer them. While this works perfectly well, in this post were going to introduce you to another way of doing things.


ES File Explorer is an Android file manager.  It allows you to transfer files from an Android device to a PC and vice-versa without the need for a data cable.  Follow along with our guide below to begin using ES File Explorer

Prepare the device:

  1. First, your Android device needs to be running Android 2.2 or Froyo at the least. If not, update your device first.
  2. You need to have a Windows PC.
  3. In your PC, you need to make a folder which you will then put the files you want to share to and fro between the PC and your Android device.
  4. Have ES File Explorer installed on the Android device

Transfer Files:

  1. Go to the folder that we told you to make with the files that you want to share.
  2. Right click on this folder. You should see a list of options, click on the one that says Properties.
  3. A small window should pop-up. In this window, find and click the sharing tab.
  4. Find and then click the Share button.
  5. Another window should now pop up. This window will ask you if you want to share the folder with a single user or with a group.
  6. Choose to share with Everyone, then click on OK.
  7. On the Android device, launch ES File Explorer.
  8. Look for the three lines icon. This is the menu button.  Tap on it to open.
  9. Look for the Network tab and tap on it. Another drop down menu will appear.  Find and tap on LAN.
  10. Tap on New. Fill in the required information.
  11. Obtain the IP address of your PC but leave the Domain Name box empty.
  12. Tap on Ok.

You should now be able to share files between your device and the PC.  Just copy and paste the files into the folder you created.


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