What To Do: To Get Wireless Charging On Any Android Device

Last updated: July 1, 2020.

Wireless Charging On Any Android Device

Wireless charging allows you to charge your device while driving or travelling.  It’s a pretty awesome feature that not every Android device has.

If you don’t have wireless charging built into your Android device, there is a way you can add it.  You will have to put down a bit of cash, around $60-70, but it is super worth it.


Add Wireless Charging to Any Android Devices:

  1. Check that the USB port on your device is working
  2. Plug in the DigiYes micro USB Wireless Charging Receiver Module.
  3. Wrap the receive module on the back of your device.
  4. Check that the receiver is fixed on the back of your device.
  5. Secure the set up with a case.
  6. Place your device on to the Qi-compatible wireless charger.

You should now be able to wirelessly charge your Android device.

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