What To Do: If You Have A Sprint Galaxy Note 4/Note Edge And You Want To Enable WiFi Tethering

Sprint Galaxy Note 4/Note Edge And You Want To Enable WiFi Tethering

As long as there is internet connectivity, a smartphone is capable of helping people connect to the world.  Smartphones can now serve almost all a person’s computer needs including e-mails, social media website participation and watching videos.

Nowadays, not only can a smartphone connect to the internet, but it can also help other devices connect to the internet.  Carriers in various countries have LTE or 3G plans which can be faster than ordinary internet connections.  It is possible to use the data plan on your smartphone with other devices by using WiFi tethering.

Smartphones use WiFi tethering to act as a WiFi hotspot.  If this is activated, you can use your carrier’s internet in a laptop or other WiFi capable devices.

The Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge can have WiFi tethering but only if they are unlocked, which means, if you have a carrier device you are going to have to find a way to get unlocked.

In this guide, we are going to show you how you can get around carrier restrictions on a Sprint Galaxy Note 4 or Note Edge to enable WiFi tethering so you can use the device as a hotspot.  Follow along.

How To Enable WiFi Tethering On Sprint Galaxy Note 4, Note Edge – No Root

Step 1: The first thing that you will need to do is to acquire your MSL code. You can get your MSL code by calling Sprint’s customer support and asking them to give you your MSL code.  You can use the excuse of slow internet connectivity. You can also get your MSL code by using MSL Utility application.

Step 2: After you have your MSL code, you need to open your device’s dialer.

Step 3: Using the dialer, input this code: ##3282# (##Data#)

Step 4: You should now come across some configuration. Change the APN type of APNEHRPD internet and APN2LTE internet from default,mms to default mms,dun.

Step 5: When these configuring is done, reboot the device.

Step 6: After the device reboots, go to and open settings > connections.   You should now see Tethering and Mobile hotspot. Chose this option to use your device as a WiFi hotspot.


Have you enabled WiFi tethering on your Spring Note 4 or Note Edge?

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