Is It Advisable To Upgrade From Galaxy Note 4 to Galaxy S6?

Upgrade From Galaxy Note 4 to Galaxy S6

Samsung is one of the most famous smartphone companies that is touching skies and increasing the number of its consumers day by day, this company have to major lines the Galaxy note and Galaxy S both the lines are equally amazing with distinctive features. The Galaxy S line targets more consumers as it is easy to carry and has an average display size with very prominently amazing features and chic design. Whereas the Note is top notch gigantic phone with huge display, pen input and high end features. Both the phones are released one after the other, competing with each other and outdoing one another when it comes to few aspects. They’re released and people become confused if they should either shift from note to galaxy S series or not. Same thing happened with Note 4 and Galaxy S6 and now we will pay closer attention to each and every aspect of it analyzing the fact that either is it a good idea to shift from Note 4 to S6 or not.



  • Both Samsung GS6 and Note 4 have a metallic outlook but in terms of quality S6 is a step ahead.
  • Note 4 still have a plastic back on the other hand S6 is appealing great deal of people with its glass back. S6 has more metal then that of Note 4.
  • Due to its larger size Note 4 is not easily to hold onto and then there is its plastic back which is a real downer compared to smaller easy to hold glass back S6.
  • However a smaller aspect like outlook will not make people go from Note to S6, it may still ignite some kind of a flame.
  • Coming towards the display, the material of both the screens are similar despite of the sizes the QHD AMOLED offers a fantastic viewing experience with fresh, vivid and vibrant colors.
  • The finger print scanner and other smaller apps that is easier to load to on the smaller phone with simple touch then on the larger phone where you have to swipe it which sometimes gets annoying.


Note 2

  • Note is famous for its power , similarly Note 4 with its snapdragon 805 and 3 GB RAM is an absolute divine and with the new lollipop update it is all one can wish for.
  • If you keep both the phones side by side you will witness the fact that the applications in new phone will open a bit faster than that of the older ones. However there is no drastic change or difference that can make you incline towards one of the phone.
  • The things start to get murky when we move on towards the battery life. Due to the gigantic size of Note 4 it has the room for a bigger battery as compare to the 2550 mAh battery of S6.
  • The additional benefit is that the battery is removable in Note 4 and the battery is so huge that it can easily get past through the entire day without any hassle, it still lasts long even though larger screen means more battery drainage.
  • Note line has always been amazing when it comes to the battery life it will be a huge decision shifting from Note to Galaxy when it comes to the battery life.


Note 3

  • When it comes to software and features Samsung has taken a huge leap in a good direction by advancing its interface, getting rid of extra features and options leading to a much smoother and amazing experience which can easily be witnessed if you visit the settings of Galaxy S6
  • However Note 4 follows the same old Multi window system that is not as amazing as compared to the newer advancement in S6, the old version has way too many features and settings making it less sleek and smooth.
  • Note 4 still has a lot of power because it handles the in- built pen option along with the touch option which cannot be compared to S6.


Note 4

  • Note 4 f/2.2 16 MP camera with OIS takes amazing photographs making you feel like an actual photographer.
  • The pictures taken from Note are vibrant, bright, clear and crisp with sharp contrast.
  • There was no need to update the camera in S6 and there is no actual major updates made, just the faster lens help more light to pass through the camera making pictures brighter. However the S6 camera is easy for beginners to handle because of its new interface.
  • Camera is not a major part because both of the Samsung’s camera are equally amazing so there won’t be any major difference.

Note 5

The suggestion to update from the Galaxy Note 4 to the Galaxy S6 isn’t about as clear because both of the phones are amazing at their own places. The Galaxy Note 4 turned out only six months prior to the Galaxy S6, and is similar when it comes to outlook camera, execution and programming. The Note 4 offers an S Pen, a substantial screen and more battery life — likely huge offering focuses for the individuals who lifted one up in any case.

On the other hand The Galaxy S6 goes a little above and beyond in camera execution with its quicker f/1.9 lens and has a superior unique finger impression sensor, while likewise offering a more conservative outlook that additionally utilizes high-end materials. Unless you are dissatisfied with the gigantic Note 4 and its size there shouldn’t be much in the Galaxy S6 that is attracting you to drop your generally new phone and make the move. The phone is still amazingly able, intense and offers a few components that you can’t get in anywhere else— that is still an exceptionally engaging bundle, regardless of the fact that the Galaxy S6 is a touch more pleasant to look at.


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