Review on Charging backs for Galaxy Note 4

This is a Review on Charging backs for Galaxy Note 4

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Samsung Galaxy note lineup consists of big gigantic phones with big batteries, same is the case with Samsung galaxy note 4 which has got a pretty huge battery but unlike Galaxy S5 it does not have a USB port with a flap to cover it, in place of having flaps to cover USB port they are selling an extra back covers for replacement that supports Qi charging. Following are few points that should always be kept in mind while looking out for Qi charging backs

  • Standard back cover along with S-flip covers both are available in the market at the rate of 30$ and 60$ respectively.
  • However if you want to charge without getting wires involved both of the cover certainly will have to add an extra bulk.
  • Both the covers have their own set of disadvantages, but then it is worth it because after that you will not have to plug in every night.

Note 2

  • Changing the standard cover with the optional cover is only a matter of few seconds, all you get to do is pull out the old cover and attach the new one.
  • The new covers will not even have the carrier name indented on it back; you will just have a plain cover with a big Samsung logo on it.
  • The color, style and texture of the cover goes along with the color style and texture of note 4, after swapping the covers you will never feel that it does not belong to the phone.
  • The wireless charging works pretty well without any hassle, though you may feel that the back of your phone is pretty heated up more than most of the wireless charging phone but that does not call for concern it will still charge at a very good rate.
  • Similar to the previously released phones, changing covers add thickness and weight to the phone.
  • This is a real downer, as compared to the original back of Note 4 which is super thin and flexible the additional back which is double time thicker than the original one makes the phone heavy.

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  • However there is a curve at the back which makes it easy to hold onto the phone while getting the feel of something else being there as well which is not the case with the standard back.
  • The note 4 site says that the additional back will be thin and will not cause any trouble, which is not true because the additional back does make the phone heavy and it is very difficult to find a casing for note 4 with the optional back. So if you are opting for the optional bank make sure you have ruled out the possibility of ever casing your phone.
  • Some people can work without casing however for others it can be a real downer and can possibly steer them away from buying this phone.


S-View case:

Note 7

  • Now that we have acquainted you with the fact that with standard Qi charging back, note 4 will not have case.
  • If you want Qi charging along with the case protection then S- view cover is the answer to all your worries
  • As mentioned above, S-view case too adds weight to the phone.
  • You will encounter the very similar leather feel and the features of S-view cover around the back and front. The back will have the logo of Samsung and the front will have the logo of Galaxy Note 4.
  • Those of you who have not yet get their hands on S-view cover can consider purchasing a charging variant.
  • You will face the extra thickness anyway so why not spend a little more money and get the Qi version of the cover to swap it with the original one.

Note 8

The options are definitely not without compromise however Samsung is making such covers available for people who will not be bothered by the heaviness of the phone. Leave a message, comment and query if you have so in the comment box below.


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