Should iTunes be Brought to Android?

An Insight about iTunes

Apple is reportedly considering bringing its signature iTunes app into the Android market, mostly because of the threat of a continuously declining revenue from music sales. The company reportedly has two options in its attempt to boost revenues: first, open up its iTunes app by introducing it to the Android store, or second, it would be pitching a music subscription service that will be paid by users. Android has already opened the Google Play Music to iOS but everyone knows that Google is not that big on exclusivity as Apple so it would be a different matter entirely if iTunes were to be introduced to the Android ecosystem.




The digital music industry

The digital music market in the United States is currently a double digit market share for Apple at approximately 40 percent. However, the entire digital music market has been seeing crumbling sales in the past few years – and Apple is no exception to this.



Boosting company sales in iTunes

The company offers a radio service through iTunes Radio for free, although this one is supported by ads. Most of the profits of Apple from digital music comes from the sales generated from singles and albums in the iTunes Store. The idea of a new music subscription service might help the company to boost its revenues from the digital music market. However, this may not be enough to compensate and push it back to its prime state where it once had been.


Introducing iTunes to the Android ecosystem is by far a better option, mostly because Android has millions of users which could automatically be potential new clients. A lot of devices currently run on Android, and this alone would be a good starting point for Apple to look into. Of course, there is a big possibility that Android users will not choose to buy music from iTunes as the Android market is already (understandably) dominated by Google and Amazon, both of which have already set a standard for users and may have earned loyal fans. Another problem that Apple may encounter is that fact that recently, there have been several music streaming sites that have been offering subscriptions. Among these are Spotify, Rdio, Beats Music, Google, and Pandora, among many others.


So where does this leave Apple and the future of iTunes?

It’s not entirely an impossibility for Apple to finally let iTunes into the Android market, particularly given its current position. If anything, an introduction into the Android system would help the company to boost its revenues from the digital music industry. Obviously, there would be a lot of discussions and debates regarding this matter, so the actual implementation (if ever) would still be a long way from now.


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