Comparing the Streaming Apps Subsonic and Audiogalaxy

Music Streaming Apps: Subsonic and Audiogalaxy

Subsonic and Audiogalaxy are two relatively huge names among the music streaming apps, and these two apps will be the focus of this review.

PowerAMP is recognized as the best music player for Android based on a brief survey conducted. It is closely followed by Winamp, but PowerAMP remains ahead of its competition, especially after it released the full version.

But aside from the mainstream music player apps, there are several other options available in the market today that allows you to play your collection of music.


Subsonic: the good points

  • The app is portable for a lot of platforms: be it Java, Linux, Mac, or Windows.
  • It can support up to three servers on Android
  • Subsonic also has a playlist support
  • Subsonic can be switched converted to offline mode. Under this mode, the app will display only the cached media. This way, you no longer have to worry about not having a connection to the internet and other related whatnots.
  • The server interface of Subsonic is very easy to configure
  • The app has headset controls
  • You can preload your songs so that playback is easier and hassle-free
  • You can easily use the “Shuffle All” button, which works reliably. This button is different from “Random” as the latter gives you a random selection of albums
  • You are given the choice to limit the highest level of your bitrate for data connection and WiFi
  • The library is very user-friendly
  • You can also edit the size of the client cache

Subsonic: the points to improve





  • For Android, Subsonic has a 30-day trial period. After this, you will be required to register with a donation of at least 10 euros.
  • The headset controls of Subsonic cannot be disabled – this could easily frustrate some users
  • You will be required to pre-download the entire media before you can skip to a certain part of the song.
  • Router port should be open if you want to access the music. This makes the use of Subsonic more hassle… which is a disappointment for a lot of people?
  • The app requires a lot of space, so expect your device storage to fill up quickly.


Now that we have assessed Subsonic, let us take a look at Audiogalaxy.


Audiogalaxy: the good points





  • Both of the Android client and servers are available at no cost.
  • Unlike Subsonic, Audiogalaxy uses only a small bit of storage space (approximately 70mb versus the 400mb of Subsonic) because the server does not run on Java
  • Audiogalaxy has playlist support
  • Also unlike Subsonic, you no longer have to have access to router port for your music collection. This makes the app very easy to use.
  • The app lets you skip to any part of the music even if the song has not yet been downloaded.
  • It has an amazing shuffle for your music collection
  • The most recent client version of Audiogalaxy has headset controls


Audiogalaxy: the points to improve

  • Audiogalaxy is available on a more limited platform, which is on Mac and Windows
  • It requires a lot of power from the CPU, especially when you are browsing through your media files
  • There is no way for you to look at the content of your library through a directory. You can only browse through your connection by using the “Search” option or by looking directly for the album and/or the name of the artist
  • Audiogalaxy only has one setting for bitrate that can be activated or deactivated, which is named High-Quality Audio.
  • The interface of the streaming app does not provide users with options
  • Not ideal to use for user-switching between different servers

The verdict

Subsonic and Audiogalaxy are two different music streaming apps, each with their own list of strengths and weaknesses. Mostly, the strength of one is the weakness of the other, and vice versa. In terms of user interface, PowerAMP is still a world apart, though the two apps make up for this by providing good features. Choosing between the two streaming apps really depends on your preferences – as mentioned earlier, the strength of one is the weakness of the other – so it all boils down to your personal preference.


All in all, Subsonic and Audiogalaxy both offer good features, and it’s recommendable for you to try both so you can judge properly.

Which among the two music streaming sites have you tried, and which one do you prefer?

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