What To Do: How-to fix “Stuck On” Wi-Fi on a Samsung Galaxy S4

How-to fix “Stuck On” Wi-Fi on a Samsung Galaxy S4

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S4, you might have had a problem while turning on the Wi-Fi.  It might have a “stuck on” issue.  This issue can occur when the Samsung Galaxy S5 is either low in memory, has too many extra programs, or there are hidden programs.

If you have faced this issue, we have a fix for you.  Just follow along with the guide below

How-to fix “Stuck On” Wi-Fi on a Samsung Galaxy S4:

Before we fix anything, we need to check that there really is a problem.  Try this first before we move on to the fix.

  1. Check that your Wi-Fi on/off toggle button is working.
  2. If when you check your toggle button, you get a “turning on” message and it stays like that, it means that it is indeed stuck.
  3. If you get an error message, then that means it will work.

So if your Wi-Fi really is stuck, you can try one of the three following methods.

  1. Fix by clearing the memory

  • Go to your RAM manager.
  • Press your home button for about 3 seconds and you should be brought to the Task Manager.
  • In Task Manager, tap on the tab on the extreme lower left.
  • You should now be in RAM Manager.
  • Tap on Clear Memory.
  • Once done, tap on it again.
  • After you’ve cleared your memory twice, your Wi-Fi should start working.
  1. Fix by turning off Wi-Fi power saving mode:

    • Open the dialer on your device.
    • Dial *#0011#.
    • You should be brought to service mode
    • Press the menu button
    • Choose Wi-Fi from the list presented to you.
    • Choose to switch off the power saving mode.
    • Now, restart the router and disconnect all other devices currently connected to the Wi-Fi.
    • When the router reboots, connect only your device. It should be working properly.
    • Reconnect anything else you want.
  2. Fix with a factory reset:

    • Go to your device’s Settings
    • Tap the account tab
    • Select back up and reset
    • Select factory reset

Have you used any of these fixes?

Share your experience in the comment’s box below.


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