How to: Remove Sprint SIM Lock for LG G Flex LS995 and LG G2 LS980

Last updated: July 15, 2020.

Remove Sprint SIM Lock for LG G Flex

Most people are now acquiring their new devices from various carriers because it is an easier and much affordable way to get it. Carriers allow these users to provide monthly payments for the device – along with a certain data plan – and the device can also be upgraded at an additional cost.

However, these devices are normally locked to the carrier, and these SIM-locked devices remain that way for a certain period of time. Otherwise, if you are not satisfied with the services given by the network operator, you have the option to unlock it. Thanks to technology, you no longer necessarily have to pay for the network unlock – you can even do it on you own, at the comfort of your home.



Having a SIM-locked device unlocked is preferred by many people. This article will tell you how to unlock the LG G Flex LS995 and LG G2 LS980 from the Sprint network. Take note of the following requirements for the unlock-ing process:

  • Download the LG USB drivers
  • Download the SIM unlock tool Link | Mirror
  • Root your LG G Flex LS995 or LG G2 LS980
  • Install Root Browse
  • Ensure that your device is running Stock Firmware




The process of unlocking LG G2 LS980

  • Use the data cable provided by LG to connect the device to your computer
  • Extract the zip file “Sim unlock”
  • Open the folder then open the TC shortcut




  • Choose “Network” then click “ABD” and click “Your device”
  • Copy the folder “Property” and “apns-conf.xml” to your LG device
  • Open Root browser
  • Copy the folder “Property” to the “/carrier/” folder on your LG phone
  • Edit the permissions to rw-r-r for the files that you have recently copied.
  • Copy the “apns-conf.xml” to the folder “/etc/” in your Root browser
  • Exit the Root browser
  • Restart your phone.


You can verify if you have successfully unlocked your device from the Sprint network by placing a new SIM card on your phone. However, the unlocking process might make you unable to use SIM cards from other US operators.


Have you successfully accomplished the unlocking process?

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