What To Do: To Enable Two-Step Verification For Your Apple ID

If you have an Apple device, you have encountered an Apple ID.  You are asked for your Apple ID if you want to download apps.  You also need to input your Apple ID if you want to use iMessage and FaceTime, synch your Apple devices, and use the iCloud service.

In this post, were going to show you how you can activate a two-step verification process for your Apple ID.  This will help you make your Apple device more secure as it ensures that nobody can use your Apple ID without your permission.

Follow along.


Enable Two-Step Verification for Apple ID:

  1. The first thing that you will need to do is open a browser on your iDevice. In your browser open: https://appleid.apple.com/


  1. Once you’ve opened the Apple ID webpage, you need to add your Apple ID credentials in order to log in.
  2. When you are logged in, find and click on the Password and Security option.
  3. From there, click on Get Started…> Continue> Continue > Get Started.
  4. Moe, choose the option to enable Two-Step verification.
  5. Add your phone number and then click OK
  6. You should get a 4 digit security code to verify your phone number. Add the code in the given box then click continue.
  7. Now you will be given a recovery key.
  8. Enter the recovery key and then click on confirm,.
  9. Now, agree to the terms and conditions by clicking on the checkbox.
  10. Last step, click on Enable Two-Step Verification.


Above should be an easy guide that should help you to secure your Apple ID. Because as you know Apple ID is the main ingredient for people who love iDevices, without Apple ID you can not download apps on iPhone/iPad, can not use iMessage and FaceTime, can not sync your Apple devices, you cannot download apps from Mac and last but not least you cannot use iCloud services.


Have you enabled two-step verification on your device?

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