What To Do: If You Want To Remove Bloatware Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Bloatware Samsung Galaxy Note 3

One of the best things about smartphones are the apps.  When you get a smart device, there are apps that are already loaded in your OS.  While some of these apps are useful, there are almost always several that the manufacturers included but are of no really use to the user.

Pre-leaded apps which are not really useful to the user are referred to as bloatware.  They take up space and use processing power and battery.  Bloatware can be hard to remove as they are part of the package of the OEM.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is a powerful device that has a Quad-core processor and 3 GB of RAM.  Despite all this power, bloatware can contribute to lag and slow performance.   In this guide, we are going to show you how you can remove bloatware from your Samsung Galaxy Note 3.



Remove Bloatware

  1. Open GALAXY Note 3 Cleaner.Zip >META-INF\com\google\android\
  2. Right click onUpdater-Script and then select Open With.
  3. From the suggested apps, selectNote Pad ++ .
  4. Updater-Script will open and you will see a list of the stock apps of the Galaxy Note 3
  5. To remove a stock app, delete theLine Number from NotePad ++.
  6. When you have deleted the apps you want going, copy the Zip to your device.
  7. Open your device in recovery by pressing and holding down the volume up, home and power buttons till some text appears on the screen.
  8. Go to ‘Installzip from sd card’.  You should see another window open in front of you.
  9. From the options presented, select choose zip from sd card’.
  10. Select GALAXY Note 3 Cleaner.Zip file that you modified in steps 1-6. Confirm that you want to install the file on the  next screen.
  11. If Recovery asks,Root access possibly lost, Fix? Tap on Yes
  12. When the installation finishes, go back.
  13. Select RebootNowand your system will reboot.

When your device reboots, go to your App drawer, you will see that it is much cleaner and the bloatware you chose to remove will be gone.

Bloatware Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Have you removed bloatware from your Galaxy Note 3?

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