Using Multiple WhatsApp Accounts On Android

Last updated: July 1, 2020.

Multiple WhatsApp Accounts On Android

WhatsApp has become a very popular messaging app. It has become more popular than Twitter. It has a record of having 200+million users every month and with an average of 27 billion messages processed every day.




WhatsApp became popular because it is easy to use. Users already have all that they need in this app. However, human as we are, we would always seek to find more out of something that includes this WhatsApp.

Using More Than One WhatsApp Account on Android


For WhatsApp users who are using a dual SIM phone, activating multiple WhatsApp accounts in a single Android device is very convenient. This guide will help users how to use multiple WhatsApp account using one device.




  • Have your Android device rooted.
  • Download SwitchMe Multiple Accounts app from Play Store and install. This app allows multiple user spaces.
  • Free up some storage spaces.


Using Multiple Accounts on Android


  • Open SwitchMe and grant its Superuser request.
  • Create two user profiles for 2 WhatsApp accounts. These accounts will have separate system data.
  • The administrator account is usually the one that was first created. This account contains the default apps and settings.
  • The second account is your secondary account. You will need to install another WhatsApp in this account.
  • Register your second SIM as a second account after installation.


Now you have activated two accounts on your Android device. It’s that easy!


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