Start your Google photo library with the help of desktop uploader

The Google photo library

Google Photos is the newest and trendiest app in online photographs management. Although there is a slight issue which is, unless you have an access to Google+ automatic photo backup then the photo library will look rather empty. If you’re looking for a way to fill up your photo gallery then install google photos and start the uploader app. The following points will make sure how to do it step by step without hassle.

The first and foremost step that is needed to be followed is trying to get hold on a proper uploader app for the PC which can be easily found at If you are not yet signed up then you have to go through the whole sign up procedure

After that press the desktop uploader option available on the left side of the page then it will detect device you are using either MAC or Windows so that the compatible file can be easily downloaded.

Google A2

Then enter the verification code which will lead you to a settings page where you will make choices about what devices will be scanning what folders or how the pictures will be imported along with the desktop or any other device including a memory card is inserted, You can easily add or remove the folder while setting up the account.

The user will have to make decisions among high quality images and the original ones and according to the standard set by google the high quality pictures are up to 16 MP. The user will also be provided with hig quality storage which will seem to be the most appealing option. Pictures that are stored as original quality will capture most of the storage space quickly eating up 15 GB memory after which the user will have to pay 1.99 $ a moth for 100 GB or will fulfill the cost of 9.99$ for 17 GB

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Once all these steps are followed click the start back up option. The app will then look into all the folders and will direct all the pictures found in the device to google photos. The system tray or menu bar can also be checked. If the user wants to change the folders that are being backed up at that point in time then they can opt for the option called “preferences”. Backups can also be paused and started again when need to be. While back up is running, the next time when there are any pictures to be added in any folder, the app will immediately start the upload of those pictures and they will be kept in privacy, the user can easily delete them or manage them from google photos. Lastly the thing that should always be kept in mind is if the user is already using google drive desktop apps, photos will be directly and automatically download heading to the google drive desktop app shutting down the syncing of that particular folder. The desktop uploader will function flawlessly in the background, and the user will never be stuck without a backup of every photo.

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