Evaluating the Theft Aware 2.0 Security App

Last updated: July 1, 2020.

The Amazing Security App

Security App review today discuss about Theft Aware 2.0 is currently one of the best security apps for Android at present. The app integrated with rooting phones.



To understand the reason behind the excited commotion behind Theft Aware 2.0, here is a quick walkthrough of the amazing app. If you device not rooted then this review might be little different.

The basics

Theft Aware security app always very helpful application to ensure that your device  protected from unexpected circumstances such as unwanted theft. The app compared to WaveSecure and Lookout, but it transcends the functionality of those two apps easily. For starters, Theft Aware 2.0 is independent of a data connection and instead channels all of its functionalities into SMS messages. Theft Aware 2.0 serves as your invisible protector at all times to ensure that you protected – anytime, anywhere.


Installing and uninstalling the app

The installation process of Theft Aware 2.0 is one of the most critical steps towards protecting your phone. Here’s why:





  • The app automatically installs in the system partition so that it will not be touched at all even if you reset your entire system. This system partition also has a read-only attribute.
  • A brilliant feature of Theft Aware 2.0 is that it has the capability to self-install through a method called update.zip



  • For rooted devices, Theft Aware 2.0 can automatically become a special device admin so that the app will survive no matter what. For devices that are not rooted, this feature will remove the app and all the data on your device.
  • You can customize the application name during the installation process.





  • The app can consolidate itself and distinguish ROM manager for a faster installation process
  • Theft Aware 2.0 can uninstalled through adb or by flashing a different ROM.
  • The app also super ideal against thieves because it cannot  uninstalled and its settings also cannot deleted from the device. There is absolutely no way to wipe it off the system. Kudos to Theft Aware 2.0!
  • If your device locked in NAND such as the HTC EVO 4G, then the app can only deleted through an adb recovery.


Some cool features of Theft Aware 2.0

Theft Aware 2.0 security app always hidden everywhere – be it on the app launcher or the app manager. This occurs immediately after the rebooting your device once the app successfully installed.






  • For starters, Theft Aware 2.0 has a user guide that explains to you everything that you need to know about the app.
  • Special code to open the app. Since Theft Aware 2.0 is hidden from you app manager and app launcher, the only way to access the app is to dial it through a special code that you yourself will choose. (Dialer > input your secret code > dial) Brilliant, right?
  • You can only update the app when the “trusted” SIM card is inserted on your device. For devices without a SIM card, it is highly advisable to disable these updates so that the thief will not be notified of its presence.
  • No need for data connection. The app can function even if you do not have a data connection. Users can control the app through SMS, so the only thing you need to have is your network signal.
  • The app allows you to input two phone numbers as its “recognized phone numbers”
  • Initiate tracking and locking your device. This can be accomplished as soon as the SIM card of the device has been changed.
  • Lock program manager and phone settings. This is yet an extra level of security that the app provides your device. This feature is foolproof and would only work with the PIN code. ONLY the PIN code.
  • SMS commands available. Theft Aware gives you the power to provide remote commands, the basics of which include lock and unlock, siren, and wipe.
  • Custom commands. Users can also provide custom commands that can be programmed through Android.
  • Automatic enabling of GPS. The Theft Aware 2.0 app automatically enables the GPS and the GPS icon hides. This feature is not always applicable for non-rooted devices.
  • The app has an “update” command, which basically gives you updates on your device. The only downside to this feature is that the updates come in many parts (divide into 160 character messages) rather than coming in just a single message.
  • Spy on your device’s thief through the call command. Through Theft Aware 2.0, you can now secretly dial on your device so that you can listen to the surroundings of the thief. However, there are some downsides to this feature:
    • The (stolen) phone, when dialed, becomes totally dead. The screen just turns off completely, and it won’t turn on no matter what. This could arouse the suspicion of the thief, especially if the thief is aware of the features of Theft Aware 2.0
    • The (stolen) phone could also hear what was going on on your end of the line. Which – if the dead screen is not yet a giveaway – would surely alert the thief.
    • The (stolen) phone brings a voicemail greeting when you deny the call.

The points to improve in Theft Aware 2.0

  • It is not an open source app. Hello, capitalism.
  • The license for Theft Aware 2.0 can bought for ten euros – but that applicable for every device. That means that if you want to use Theft Aware 2.0 on all your devices – say you have four – then you have to pay forty euros for that.
  • Theft Aware 2.0 deeply integrated particularly on rooted devices. No way for you to check the extent and limitations of the app, so trusting developer on what you can do. Good thing that ITAgents reliable company that registered in Austria in 2004. It has successfully earned its reputation as a reliable developer throughout the years. So users can rest without too worried about the app’s powers on your device.


Security App: The verdict

Theft Aware 2.0 is a security app that has set the baseline for everyone else. It is undeniably the best available in the market right now. It is stealthy and provides you with tons of features that other apps can’t provide.


The app can be downloaded in the website www.TheftAware.com. Another option is to purchase it in the Market through the QR code. It has a trial period but after that, you have to acquire the license for the app, which costs 10 euros.


You of may also check out the blog of the company (theftaware.blogspot.com) so that you would be aware of all the permissions that can be provided by the Theft Aware 2.0 security app.

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