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Last updated: June 1, 2020.


One of the best root apps for Android is Greenify. It stops background apps from running and can extend the life of your battery. 

Best Root Apps – Greenify

One of the best root apps for Android is Greenify. It stops background apps from running and can extend the life of your battery. This tutorial takes you through steps on how to use it.

When you find your battery always running low even if you have recently recharged it, you may have some background apps running which cause your battery to drain faster than you expect. This becomes costly and inconvenient to you.

You can disable these background apps by switching your device off or turning it to airplane mode. However, these actions are manual and inconvenient.


But with Greenify, your background apps can be blocked to help you save enough battery without closing these apps or stopping them by turning your phone off. They just go on hibernation.


Greenify will require you to root your device. What makes Greenify different from other battery-saving utilities is its hibernating function. TitaniumBackup Pro freezes the apps, other utilities stops the apps, but Greenify simply hibernates them.


This is not ideal when using alarm clocks and/or messaging apps, though. Nevertheless, this serves as the best solution so far for faster-draining apps.



  1. User Interface Is Simple


Greenify is very easy to use because it is plain simple. Upon opening the utility, you can immediately see a list of your hibernated apps, although at first, it will obviously be empty. You can simply add more to the list by tapping the + button.



  1. Analyzing Apps


The list of apps is called the App Analyzer. The apps will be grouped according to categories which include categories like Scheduled Running, Running in Background and May Slow Down Device. If you cannot find the app you wish to include, click More or Search them on the top-right corner.



  1. Browsing List Of Apps


The Search button will bring you to the Home screen. You will find all the apps that you want to add to Greenify. Use the App Picker tool to help you choose which app. An App Picker button is also available in the Notification area when the app is running.



  1. Hibernate Multiple Apps


You can choose several apps altogether with the use of the App Analyzer. To hibernate them through Greenify, simple tick the button found at the top-right corner. You will then be notified that the app has hibernated.



  1. Manage The List of Hibernated Apps


Every time you hibernate an app, they go directly to the list found on the first screen of the Greenify App. This screen will allow you to use hibernated apps anytime quickly by clicking Play. You can also hibernate them back again by using Zzz button.



  1. What Apps To Hibernate


You may get confused about which app to hibernate especially if you are not familiar which apps can drain your battery quickly. Simply go to the list of Running in Background. Those apps are the priority. Hibernate only those that you do not use often.



  1. Apps On Scheduled Running Drain Battery


Apps in the Scheduled Running list can drain more battery than you know. If it is not necessary to run them on schedule, they can best be hibernated.



  1. Apps That Slow Android


Apps found under the May Slow Down Device list run only when an event is launched. These are heavy apps and can drain more battery. They can also be hibernated.



  1. Save Your Battery By Hibernating


With Greenify, apps that you have hibernated can easily be re-activated. And while they are in hibernation, you battery performance will improve. This utility also has an Auto-hibernation option which you can disable to prevent other apps from hibernating. As soon as you make use of Greenify, you will immediately see some changes in your battery life.


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