Apple Vs Microsoft Vs Google

Apple Vs Microsoft Vs Google

Every now and then, new updates of Apple and Google keep popping out, with Microsoft tagging along. They get better and better that it becomes difficult to keep track of which one is better than the other when comparing Apple Vs Microsoft Vs Google

In conclusion,Google stood out. Apple seemed to be too popular to be kept out of the picture with Microsoft barely making it. Sadly, Blackberry slowly got wiped out of the picture.


Apple Vs Microsoft Vs Google


Android became the most popular smartphone. Nobody actually had a precise idea of what Android is like until one really gets to be able to use one, although the feedbacks are divided when it comes to its pros and cons. iOS, on the other hand, seemed to have a rather peculiar reputation. The Windows Phone has yet to prove its worth.




The previous Windows Mobile, however, was not a good OS except for its i-mate feature. It was only good for computers and not for mobiles and tablets. So the manufacturers developed a Windows Phone.


If you were able to try the iOS and Android, you would get mixed feelings. Windows Phone does not really ring a bell until its Lumia 610 was released. It got the public’s attention. But when the latest update was released, the Lumia 800, it changed the Windows’ reputation.




When one makes a careful investigation of the three by searching online for reviews and comments, a Windows Phone review comes one in a million. But this article will show a quick comparison of the Apple, Microsoft, and Google.


The observations written below are not facts but subjective perception about the three and are based on collective experiences.




Apple is a famous computer manufacturing company. But the company has started to manufacture smartphones. It comes with a high price but you will surely get your money’s worth.


Apple’s good qualities are attributed to its ability to build its own software and hardware.








Google also became one of the biggest names when it comes to technology. Its smartphone, Android, is the most preferred device when the budget is to be considered and quality is a huge deal.




It has its own market for software. But they are starting to enter the world of hardware.






Microsoft is a company that has been silent but has been secretly making waves. They may not look that attractive at first glance but as you start using Windows device, you will actually realize that it works really well.


The company is also starting to develop its own hardware.




Google Apple Microsoft
Software *** **** *****
Hardware **** **** ***




Apple seemed to fall short when it comes to issues about lagging.


Although it seems to be an underdog among the three, Microsoft’s OS seems to be manufactured well. Its features may be limited but we have to admit almost all operating systems need updates for improved features.


When it comes to software performance, Google performs poorly with its lagged processing.




Apple is not too competitive as it seems. You could the same good quality hardware from other devices.


Microsoft, on the other hand, has really good surface.


Google has the average hardware. Though other Android devices like HTC and Sony manufacture good hardware, the majority of these devices still lag.


Now here’s the test…


Below is a tabulated data of all the specs of each OS. Two (2) stars represent the best device for each spec, 1 represents acceptable and 0 for a poor representation.






(iPhone 5)


Windows Phone


(Lumia 1020)





(Samsung Galaxy S IV)


Basic specs










Retina **


HQ *






Multi-touch *


Super Sensitive **


Multi-touch *


Camera  *




41 ** 13 *




5Gb and low file size upload limit


7Gb ** with medium upload file size limit


5Gb * with no upload file size limit


Performance  *


OK *


Fast **




Office Suit  *


Subscription based


Free **


Subscription bases











Based on the table above, Android seems to have failed some expectation, although there are still a few numbered devices that can live up to the expectation. But the majority still fall short.


iOS seems to fall under the average level, not so bad but not so good. And it is quite a surprise to see Windows topping them all.


To summarize, when comparing Apple Vs Microsoft Vs Google,

iOS and Android appear to be the best devices. However, data shows that Windows Phone topples them both.


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