How To: Install Viber On a Tablet Device

Install Viber On a Tablet Device

Viber is one of today’s most popular social chat platforms because it lets users call using 3G or WiFi for free, at any place in the world. Millions of people have already signed up for the service. Other amazing features of Viber include the following:

  • It lets you follow your favorite celebrities
  • You can now do video calls


Viber originally had issues when used in Wifi tablet devices – for whatever reason, users can’t simply register on Viber using a different mobile phone then using those same details for the tablet. Thankfully, this restriction has finally been removed and Viber now officially supports Android tablets and iPads. This article will teach you how to install viber on a device that does not have SIM card support or on your Android wifi tablet or iPad. Before proceeding, here are the things that are required for the installation:

  • A mobile phone that has a working SIM card, even without Viber
  • Android wifi tablet that has no SIM card or an iPad
  • A good and stable Wifi connection
  • Installed an updated version of Viber


Step by step installation guide for Viber on your Android wifi tablet or iPad

  1. Install Viber for your Android wifi tablet or Viber from the Apple app store
  2. Open Viber and input your mobile phone number




  1. Wait for the verification code to be sent to your mobile phone
  2. Enter the code on your tablet or iPad
  3. Follow the on screen instructions to set up the app on your tablet or iPad
  4. Once completed, add your contacts



That’s it! You can now enjoy the features that Viber has, such as free calls and video calls all over the world!


If you have questions or comments regarding the installation process, just share it through the comments section found below.



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