Control Music On Any Screen

How to Control Music On Any Screen

With the latest Android versions from 4.0 and up, you can already control music even when your device is on its locked screen. But it would be better if you could also control music while you are perhaps in the File Manager searching for files, or using the calculator or navigating the settings option.

Good news is you can do so with this newest app transformed to a widget called the “Floating Music Widget”. This can be downloaded from Play Store. You can launch this app turned to widget anywhere on the screen. Its sizes can vary from big to small. You can place it in the screen’s corner or on the center.

This app widget is even more convenient than the ICS lock screen widget. To configure this app, simply follow the steps provided.


Step 1: Download the “Floating Music Widget” from the Google Play Store and install. If you cannot find the app from the Google Store, you may download the APK online.

Step 2: After complete installation, activate the widget by simply opening the app in the app drawer.

Step 3:  A window will open on the screen. You will find all the music controls in it. You can adjust the window size by pinching it in or out.



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Step 4: Double tap in the widget to close it.

Step 5: You can now control music from any screen. A shortcut on the home screen is available to easily launch the app.

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