How To: Download RoboCop APK v 1.0.3 For Free

Last updated: July 1, 2020.

Download RoboCop APK v 1.0.3

Game developers Glu, the brains behind other famous games such as Frontline Commando and Deerhunder, have released their newest game, RoboCop, on the Google Play Store just this morning.

The RoboCop game is based on an upcoming action movie from Hollywood.  The game is dubbed by Glu and, like the movie, packs in actions, thrills and amazing stunts plus a little extra action to make this particular game a very addictive game for users to play on their Android device.

In the RoboCop game for Android devices, you play the character of RoboCop who – as the name suggests, is a Robot that is a Cop.  The basic storyline of the RoboCop game follows that of the movie.  In 2028, Alex Murphy, a loving husband and father as well as a good Detroit cop, was critically injured on duty.  He is then chosen by the multinational conglomerate OmniCorp to be part of their efforts to create a part-man and part-robot police officer.

After the OmniCorp program, Murphy became RoboCop, the ultimate law enforcement officer – and this is where the game takes off.  The RoboCop game for Android allows you to battle crooks and robot enemies to achieve your ultimate goal – the defence of the citizens of Detroit, giving them safer streets to walk on.

As RoboCop, you go through a series of challenges, such as saving civilian hostages from enemies, saving yourself and them from snipers and taking down these enemies by shooting them down and utilizing drone strikes.  You will also find yourself facing a series of robotic enemies, such as the EM-208 and ED-209 – robots that will also be seen in the upcoming film, that you have to take down.


As the game progresses, you can upgrade your robotic suit and weapons; you can even scan your enemies and use body heat vision to find out their weak points.

Does this sound like a game that you would like to play? You should be able to find this game in the Google Play Store, or we have also gotten our hands on an APK of the RoboCop game for Android devices and we are including the download link here.

RoboCopDownload APK Google Play

Have you downloaded, installed and begun playing RoboCop on your device?

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