How To: Download, Install And Play HayDay On A Windows PC or MAC

Last updated: February 25, 2020.

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Have you ever wondered what the life of a Farmer is like? Well, you might not be able to experience farming life for real, you can do so virtually with the Android game HayDay.

Playing HayDay allows you to virtually plow, plant and harvest crops.  You can also virtually tend to farm animals such as cows, donkeys, horses and chickens – you can even collect eggs from your virtual chickens.

The HayDay game is available from the Google Play Store and you can easily download and install it on Android devices.  If, however, you want to play HayDay on a laptop or personal computer, you will first need to install an Android Emulator.  In this guide, we are going to walk you through the steps you need to take to install and begin playing HayDay on a Windows PC or a MAC:

Installing HayDay on a Windows PC or Mac:

  1. To play HayDay on a Windows PC or Mac, the first thing you need to do is download an Android Emulator and install it on your Windows PC or Mac. We recommend the Android Emulator Bluestacks.
  2. After installing Bluestacks, you will then need to download an APK file of HayDay. Download the HayDay APK file.  |  Link 2
  3. After you have downloaded the HayDay APK file, you need to double click on it.
  4. Double-clicking on the downloaded HayDay APK file will prompt Bluestacks to install it. Wait for the installation to finish.
  5. When Bluestacks has finished installing the HayDay APK file, you should get a notification.
  6. To start playing HayDay, you first need to launch Bluestacks. After launching Bluestacks, you should go to and click on All Apps.  Look for Hayday and click to start playing this virtual farming game.

When playing HayDay on your Windows PC or Mac, instead of touching the screen as you would on an Android device, use your mouse button to click on and perform the tasks needed to keep your virtual farm running smoothly.

Play HayDay a1-a3

Have you installed HayDay on your Windows PC or Mac?

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