Common Problems And Easy Solutions For The Sony Xperia Z3

The Common Problems And Easy Solutions For The Sony Xperia Z3

Fans of Sony’s Xperia, their high-end phone series, won’t be disappointed with the latest offering – the Xperia Z3.  The Sony Xperia Z3 performs great and is also very pleasing in style and substance.  Though, as technology is never really perfect, the Xperia Z3 has its flaws.

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In this post we take a look at some of the most common problems faced by Sony Xperia Z3 users and provide some solutions they can try to fix them in order to get the most of their new phone.

Disclaimer: Not all Sony Xperia X3’s will face these problems and it is actually quite likely you won’t face many of these.

  • Color-shading
  • Problem: Some users have had color shading problems in their photos. This manifests itself as a pink or reddish circle appearing in the center of the photo.
  • Potential solutions:
    • Try restarting the phone
    • Perform a software repair. If you use Windows, use PC Companion.  If you use Mac, use Bridge.  NOTE: Don’t forget to save your important data before you do this.
    • Try adjusting your camera settings
    • Using the camera’s flash seems to only increase the problem so make sure to avoid low-light conditions.
    • Future software updates could resolve the issue.



  • An unresponsive Touch Screen
  • Problem: Users find their touch screen has response problems, this usually occurs when they are trying to create and send messages with the on-screen keyboard.
  • Potential Solutions:
    • Try restarting the phone. If you have problems getting to the restart facility via the touch screen, try using the volume up key and power button.
    • Run your repair firmware to find out if the issue is a hardware or software problem.
    • Check that the problem isn’t your screen protector or case. If the fit isn’t correct, air bubbles or compression, could affect your touch screens responsiveness.
    • The problem could be due to unresponsive or fragmented data, so factory reset you phone.


  • Make sure that you’ve backed up all your important data
  • Start from Home Screen. You will see a box made of three by three dots.  Tap the box.
  • Then go to Settings – Backup and reset. Open Factory data reset.
  • Choose Erase internal storage
  • Reset phone
  • Tap the “erase everything option”.


  • Lag or slow performance
    • Problem: Some users have complained that their phone isn’t optimized for when they play games, watch videos, or try other processor-intensive tasks.
    • Potential Solutions:
  • Restart the phone. Force a reset by detach the micro SIM slot        cover then press the small yellow button till the phone shuts down.
  • The poor performance could be due to third party applications. See         which apps use the most memory and selectively uninstall them.
  • Try a factory reset.
  • Check that all applications and the phone are up-to-date

   4) Slow charging

  • Problem: Some users have found that the Sony Xperia X3 can take too long to reach full charge.
  • Potential Solutions:
    • Check that your power outlet is working. Try using it to charge something else.
    • Make sure that your charger and cable are connected properly to the power source.
    • Make sure that you are using the cable that came with your phone. Using another cable could lead to either your phone charging slower or your battery having problems.
    • Try connecting your phone to a computer or lap top with a USB to check the cable isn’t broken.
    • If you find that your charger is the problem, ask for a replacement.
    • If the charger isn’t the problem but the phone is still taking more than six hours to charge, ask about a replacement charger


  • Wi-fi connection problems


  • Problem: Some users of the Xperia Z3 find it difficult to pick up and maintain Wi-Fi signals
  • Potential Solutions:
    • Open your Wi-Fi settings and pick “Forget” for your usual network. Start the connection again and make sure you get the correct details
    • Turn off both the phone and the router. Wait thirty seconds.  Turn phone and router back on.
    • Check that all the router firmware is updated. Confirm this with the ISP.
    • Check the level of activity on your channel using Wi-Fi Analyser. If activity is exceptionally high, switch to a less used alternative.
    • Through Settings, disable the Stamina mode.
    • Boot the phone in Safe Mode.


  • Hold down the power key. A list of options should appear including “Power off”
  • Choose “Power off”, hold it down till a window prompt appears that asks if you’d like to “Reboot to safe mode.” Choose, “Ok.”
  • If you see “Safe mode” at the lower left corner of your screen, you’ve done it.
    • Open Settings-About Phone. Find the MAC address for your Xperia Z3.  Ensure that this address is recognized by the router.


  • Quick draining of battery life
  • Problem: User finds that their battery drains too quick
  • Potential Solutions:
    • Avoid battery-consuming applications or games
    • Switch off unused applications. Make sure there are not to many programs running in background mode
    • Use Stamina Mode
    • Try reducing screen brightness and turning off vibration message alerts
    • Go to Settings – Battery and figure out which applications are using too much power and, if you don’t need them, remove them.

We’ve just listed down some of the common problems some Sony Xperia Z3 users have encountered and some ways that they can solve them.

Have you had problems with the Xperia Z3? How did you solve them?


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