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Verizon 1Kyocera Brigadier Review

Kyocera is always famous for its rugged phones with some special features. While other manufacturers are busy producing glass screen Kyocera has come up with something entirely new which has hit the headlines and i.e. its sapphire screen which goes along with the rugged exterior. The best part is having sapphire screen does not call for any other tradeoffs you will not have any issues relating the touch or the durability of the screen.

However it is not just about the screen, the phone is much better loaded with features that are hard to find in the mid ranged phones. If you are looking for phones that can endure any crucial test or condition then Kyocera is the one you should opt for. Let us take a closer look at the phone and see what does it has to offer.

Durability and hardware:

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  • Kyocera is the perfect phone for the people concerned with the budget and the longevity of it.
  • It has a lot of features and options to offers but it is not very pleasing to the eye.
  • You may see many screws that are exposed along with rubber casing and button that are easy to press along with flaps over the ports.
  • This phone is brigadier military 8100 compliant i.e. it is harder and more rugged than any usual rugged phones.

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  • It has the ability to stay in water for 30 minutes and that to 6 feet deep along with the ability to endure a might fall of 4 feet.
  • With all the casings and wrapped up exterior the phone is definitely heavier as compared to the usual 4.7 inch phones.
  • The rubber along the side makes it easier for us to hold the phone and to not drop it.
  • It has three buttons at the bottom which can be easily pressed, it also has a camera and programmable button to launch the applications that can also be used to drag the notification bar or wake the phone up.
  • When we come to the inner specifications you will be amused to encounter typical high end features rather than what you would expect.
  • It has a 4.5 inch display with the snapdragon 400 processor and a storage space of 16 GB.

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  • It has a microSD port to expand the storage capacity.
  • It also has a 8 MP camera with the battery power of 3100 mAh.
  • The phone has amazing speakers with the ability to be charged by Qi wireless chargers.
  • The phone may not have the attractive exterior but the inside of the phone is a real gift which is less compromising than any other phones.
  • Kyocera is tough as compared to the other flagship smartphones.


  • We have been hearing a lot about the sapphire screen in the new iPhone 6.
  • However Kyocera is already on it the screen is 4.7 inches in size with bezels that are enclosed in sapphire from one edge to another.
  • Sapphire is one of the toughest and is better than any other glass types event the new gorilla glass protection cannot be compared to the sapphire screen technology.
  • When the screen went other the process of crucial testing that includes dropping it on rocks, pavement, bricks and jamming the keys in t the screen the end result was pretty fascinating.
  • There were only three minute marks on the screen that cannot even be captured through a camera and this is exactly what everyone wants in their smartphones.
  • The outcome was really impressive hands down the shock proof or thick bezels did fulfil their jobs but no doubt the sapphire screen technology was the real giant.
  • If this technology is used in the normal usual flagship smartphones then there is no doubt that it will surely increase the durability and longevity of the phone.
  • The display of Kyocera phone is one of the finest though it is not 1080p but having 720p is not a problem either if you have the finest display qualities then all this does not matter.


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  • Kyocera is on the run of improving its software quality and has actually made drastic modifications. The rugged exterior is understandable but having a rugged interior with superficial chrome shadows and neon lights the phone looks more from last year.
  • However in the new Kyocera phones several advances have been made starting off from the poorly designed software which has now been swapped with google now launcher.
  • There is a definite need to tone down the extra rugged interior because it that does not happen then the phone may not be able to compete with the recent leading manufacturers.
  • However whereas the daily usage of the phone is concerned it’s pretty smooth the software works fine and without any lags or slow down.
  • The camera is fine it produces good quality pictures but there is still a great room of improvement.
  • The Verizon LTE network has also modified and is now providing much better speed throughout the day.


Conclusively people may still hesitate to buy the phone because of its not so appealing exterior as compared to sleek chic phones available nowadays but those who are looking for a durable and strong phone that can actually bear all the circumstances than for them brigadier is a definite choice. Kyocera should now start using this sapphire screen technology in all of their smartphones so that other manufacturers can see and follow the footsteps as well, The sapphire screen technology is definitely much better than the hard screen displays we get to see these days this technology should overcome the techniques of today to provide better results.

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