Is 5.7 inch Samsung galaxy S6 plus,important for Samsung ?

Samsung galaxy S6 plus

Last year there was once quite a murmur about the release of Galaxy S5 prime, but this Samsung product never saw the light of the day. however the product then was changed into the infamous Galaxy F which also lost the chance of a release , following twelve months later the Samsung consumers all around the globe started hearing news related to the Galaxy S6 edge plus. The whole concept of a Samsung ”plus” model launch near the time when it Note 5 time can be a very fascinating prospect. Let us take a closer look at what will it do for Samsung and its fellow competitors.


To have a much more closer look at this newest product we will start with its specifications which are as follows

  • The display of Samsung galaxy S6 plus according to the reports is 5.7 inch.
  • The images released of the phone claims it to have an exact same outlook as its counterpart.
  • Qualcomm snapdragon 808 which was only seen in LG G4 will now be seen in Samsung S6 plus as well replacing the usual Samsung Exynos SoC
  • About the software, Samsung Galaxy S6 plus will have android 5.1.1 with slightly modified icons.


Looking Out For A Place In Samsung’s Mobiles Lineup

Last year, there were news about  modifications  in GS5 prime starting from the resolution to build quality. However the only motive of GS6 is to tell the world that the company is highly contented with its new and innovative designs and have an urge to broaden their horizons. Asia is famous for having a huge consumer market of enormous and gigantic phones which also includes China and other important importing markets where Apple challenges Samsung and not just apple but several other competitors are there to challenge  as well.Llarge Screen size for purchasers in Asia calls for a big battery to address a noteworthy GS6 disappointment.


Furthermore, yes, a bigger Smartphone would permit Samsung to have  a bigger battery, tending to one tireless grumbling with the customary Galaxy S6. The organization is definitely mindful that it needs to improve here. The obvious decision about processors is to be made as well. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 808 is prominently less effective than the Exynos 7420 inside the usual GS6s, however the LG G4 has demonstrated that the 808 is impeccably fit for controlling a Quad HD cell phone. Qualcomm’s chip is produced utilizing a less productive 20nm procedure as compared to Samsung’s 14nm Exynos What’s more, there’s no telling whether an Exynos form may additionally be accessible in some import markets.

Between the GS6 and the Note 5, then we may derive a couple of things. Firstly, there is a definite gap in its top-notch  lineup that it accepts the current year’s Note won’t fit in the shoes . There could be a couple reasons behind that perhaps the note life cycle doesn’t go well especially when Samsung needs this greater GS6 to be accessible in the market in which its of great value and importance.


How will the release of GS6 plus will affect Note 5?

If Samsung is in fact planning to  launch a 5.7-inch Galaxy S6 then it is pretty apparent that the note 5 will be released in October. Note is considered to be one of the high end Samsung smart phones that is always successful in grabbing the attention of audience throughout the year. If Samsung Galaxy S6 plus and Note 5 are launched together followed by one another then surely S6 plus will be considered to be more conventional among the two. According to the reports it has been proved that GS6 and edge both have already reached the 10 million target in just a matter of a month as they are being purchased and shipped on about a same rate. There won’t be any cut off on the cost of this phone because the double edged display and curved glass with AMOLED makes it pricy considerably a flagship gadget.



Furthermore, it can also be possible that GS6 plus is not planned to have much larger release. Similar to the Galaxy S5 Broadband which was only released in South Korea which is Samsung’s home, Samsung also revised the processor of S4 with snapdragon 800 but that too was released to a limited area. However when it comes to the pricy popular products of Samsung than these products always get a major release in the world of android smart phones. The gigantic galaxy S6 plus can prove to be a real asset for Samsung especially in the markets of china where people who don’t want a phone with accessories e.g. a pen would prefer to go for the new big display big battery phone. However if the company is planning a major launch then they will have to be careful with the fact that it may not affect the sales of S6 and Note 5 which than will not be good.

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