Installing MIUI Custom ROM Onto The Phone

Last updated: June 1, 2020.


If you want to give your phone a new look, MIUI custom ROM will help you. This is the most popular ROM for Android.

Installing MIUI Custom ROM Onto The Phone Tutorials

If you want to give your phone a new look, MIUI custom ROM will help you. This is the most popular ROM for Android.

There are lots of Android ROMs in the market but MIUI is so far the most unique of its kind. Another ROMs seek to improve what was already produced by Google. But MIUI is different. It has a certain twist to it.

Originally, MIUI was developed for Chinese users only. However, the demand for this ROM has greatly increased resulting in the translation and modification of this ROM in many versions to make it available to everyone. At present, this ROM is available worldwide. It is becoming really popular because of, mainly, its physical appearance.

The MIUI ROM is regularly updated every Friday. Current versions run Android 2.3.5.

The process of installing is very easy. You can easily follow the step-by-step process should you feel that your mobile device is starting to get too boring. So this tutorial will help you go through the process of installing MIUI and get it running. Then you will need to root your device with this procedure, have the Clockwork Recovery Installed which comes with free apps like ROM Manager and Titanium Backup



  1. Backup Existing ROM


Make sure to take a quick snapshot of what is really going on with the device’s present state. Then, go to the ROM Manager and choose ‘Backup ROM’. Just be patient and follow instruction and wait for it to finish.



  1. Save App Data


You can save data from old ROM to new ROM. This cannot be extracted from the combined ROM backup. But you can open the Titanium Backup, choose ‘Backup/Restore’. Click on the ‘Menu>Batch’ and press ‘Run-Backup All User Apps’.



  1. Install MIUI


Install MIUI with the help of the ROM Manager. Then ‘Download ROM’ and select which among the MIUI versions fit your device. Moreover, do not forget to install additional language because this new Android UI might be read in Chinese.



  1. Download, Wipe, Reboot, and Install


After you have chosen and downloaded the ROM of your choice, a menu will appear which displays the pre-installation of the ROM. Choose ‘Wipe Dalvik Cache’ and ‘Wipe Data & Cache’. This will prompt the phone to reboot automatically. Then permit the phone to reboot. When it starts again, the new ROM will be installed immediately. Be patient as this can take time and may require you to reboot a few times more.



  1. Reboot For The First Time


The phone will seem unresponsive for the first reboot. This may be because of the rebuilding of the Dalvik Cache. Patiently wait for the phone to speed up. When everything is finished, go to the Download Titanium Backup and sign in to Google.


MIUI custom ROM

  1. Authorized Applications


You now have to go back to ‘Settings>Programs>Development Settings>Unknown Sources’. By doing so, you can allow ‘non-Marketplace’ applications. This is essential to Titanium Backup. The absence of this process, might not restore any saved apps.



  1. Restore Applications


Select the app that needs to be restored and select ‘Restore and ‘App&Data’ which will pop up from the menu. The installation will run through the standard procedure. Then the MIUI will be restored to its original state. If there are other apps you want to restore, just repeat the process.



  1. Get Rid Of Bloatware


MIUI CUSTOM ROM can sometimes have apps included in it. They are not necessarily useful. You can also remove these apps using the Titanium Backup. Go to ‘Backup/Restore’ tab, select unwanted apps and uninstall.



  1. Organize


MIUI CUSTOM ROM may not always have what you need. In contrast It lacks the app tray which means that icon shuffling can be a problem. But, you can keep these icons in a hidden folder. Furthermore, this can also be done by holding down an icon while swiping through home screens.



  1. Explore New Themes


MIUI also has some nice pre-installed apps. Furthermore, it has a music app which is quite popular in the Marketplace. Moreover, you can also get a Theme app which lets you choose what them to use on your device.

Have fun exploring MIUI CUSTOM ROM.

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