Featured Apps for May 2014

May 2014 Featured Apps

There are already tons of applications that have been springing up in the Android market. Here is a list of some apps that prove to be useful for the TV junkies and for your everyday life.


Skim through it and see for yourself if these apps will fit your lifestyle, too.


1. Snailboy

  • This is actually a game that is great for people who want or need to kill time.
  • The goal of the game is to be able to hit a mollusk with a slingshot and go through various levels unscathed in order to reclaim the shell collection.






  • Three stars can be obtained for each level provided that you have reached the objectives. These stars may also be obtained by completing a level before the given time ends.
  • Instead of limited lives, the Snailboy game gives you a health bar which depletes whenever you “die” in a level. This health bar slowly regains strength as you collect slime globs.
  • Every day, you can obtain a life by completing a bonus level. Successfully doing so will give you a slime glob.
  • Snailboy needs to be placed on areas with moss and he has to be urged to go into the right direction by patting him to move into it

What we love about the game:

  • Snailboy is an invigorating game in the sense that it does not have in-app purchases. To compensate for this lack of income-generator, Snailboy shows ads after every level
  • The game can be downloaded for free and can be enjoyed by people of all ages, even by the children.


2. UpNext

  • UpNext is a Calendar widget that can be linked to the calendars on your device.




  • What we love about this app slash widget is that it can be downloaded for free. The free version of UpNext automatically displays all of the calendars on your device on a single widget.
  • However, customization for the free version of UpNext is limited. You can only change the theme of the app (there are two options: light or dark), the text style, and the percentage of transparency of the widget. These options are limited, but the widget looks good enough already that this may not really be a downside of the app.
  • UpNext also has a paid version, which lets you have the freedom to decide specific calendars that will be displayed by the widget.


3. Sounders FC




  • The Sounders FC app gives you on-point information about the Sounders FC. It would be a very enjoyable app for people who are fans.
  • The app recently received a revamp in its overall look, not just in Android but also in iOS and on Windows phones.
  • What we love about the app is that it provides a smooth performance and is very informative. It gives up to date information on the Sounders FC team – from news related to them, to videos, to the schedule of their games. The app also gives you a live chat coverage of games, which is particularly helpful for fans who do not live in Seattle.
  • The app can be downloaded for free.


4. Impossible Road

  • Impossible Road is a highly engaging mobile game that lets you pass through a track with no side boundaries – so if you leave the track, then you will be placed on your way to “nothingness”



  • The main goal of the game is to remain on the track not be on “nothingness”
  • The track itself is very challenging as it has random twists and turns.
  • You can control the direction at which the sphere is going by tapping on the left or right
  • The game gives you a smooth experience. The longer you play it, the better you become. It is a game that needs the player to have skill.
  • Impossible Road can be downloaded for only $1.99


5. PYKL3 Radar

  • PYKL3 Radar app (pronounced “pickle” radar) is especially helpful in providing you with a rather accurate radar on the weather.



  • The app tells you when there is rain and the direction where it will go.
  • A downside of this app is that the interface is not so smooth.
  • PYKL3 Radar can be purchased at an expensive cost of $9.99. Not everyone would be willing to spare that much money for a weather app. It is also useful for people who are quite knowledgeable when it comes to the weather, especially as it has a lot of options that may be too technical for an layman.




6. TVCatchup Free

  • TVCatchup is an app that lets you stream television shows while also functioning like a website.
  • The app can be obtained for free only in the UK.





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