Evaluating the Mobile Security App Avast

A Closer Look of Avast Mobile Security

An anti-virus program for mobile devices is a perpetual must-have for anyone. As well as, Avast has a mobile security solution that provides users with a lot of really helpful features. The best part is that this app is offered for free – something that would surely be a good “download me!” encouragement for users.

The basic things to know about Avast mobile security

  • Avast is a combined effort of Avast and Theft Aware (of IT Agents)
  • The interface of Avast should be given a double thumbs up. Also it is polished and gives you easy access to all the features of the app, along with an explanation of the usability of each feature. Amazing, right?
  • Moreover, the app is loaded with practical features that users will definitely find helpful

The features of Avast


  1. Virus Scanner




What it does: as the name implies, Avast’s virus scanner scans all the apps and files on your mobile device for any kind of malware.

The good points:

  • You can have scheduled virus scans on your preferred time and day
  • The scans meticulously go through all of the apps in your system as well as the contents of your SD card

The not-so-good points:

  • Almost all of the recent malware circulating in Android can only be detected on your device once it has already damaged your systems. As such, the virus scanner is a feature that is not very reliable.


2. Anti-Theft




What it does: This feature is something that is obviously a rebranded version of the feature found in Theft Aware. It is also a stand-alone feature – which means that even if you uninstall Avast, you can still opt to keep Anti-Theft.

  • The basic settings of the Anti-Theft function let you: enter your name, make a password that will be used whenever you access the app and input remote control options. It will let you have control of your device through SMS in case of loss.




  • The advanced settings menu of Avast lets you view updates, and it also lets you install to root Avast so that it cannot be uninstalled from the system, thus making it highly efficient in terms of protecting your phone from theft.




The good points:

  • A data connection can be forced so that the settings input in Avast will be backed up
  • Protection behaviors can be set up and triggered when the SIM card of your mobile device has been changed or when you tag your device as lost. Moreover, protection behaviors include lock and siren, forced data connection, and denied access to the program manager, phone settings, and USB debugging.

The not-so-good points:

  • You can control the Anti-Theft feature through SMS commands only.


3. Web Shield




What it does: As the name implies, the Web Shield feature shields users from online threats such as malware and phishing websites.

The good points:

  • Well… it’s just comforting to think that you are protected while browsing the web
  • It’s simple and easy to use – all you need to do is click the check box in the web shield feature.

The not-so-good points:

  • Web Shield works only for the Android browser.


4. Firewall



What it does: The Firewall feature blocks some apps from executing some commands – particularly WiFi, 3G, and roaming data access.

The good points:

  • The feature can be used if Avast is rooted
  • It basically shows that Avast is a consolidation of several apps, all of which are useful


5. Privacy Advisor




What it does: It keeps you informed of the access that apps have on your data, and it lets you provide individual permission for each. These permissions come with a brief description so that you’d know exactly what it entails when you provide that permission.


6. Application Management




What it does: It gives you a list of all your running apps and lets you organize in terms of memory usage, CPU usage, etc.

The good points:

  • Choosing an app reveals a screen that has the Firewall options of Avast so that you are still protected
  • It is simple and uses the beautiful UI of the app


7. SMS and Call Filter





What it does: You can block your incoming and outgoing messages and calls based on your contacts list and the time/day.


The good points:

  • It is convenient
  • Admit it – it’s very usable.


The verdict

Avast mobile security is one of the best apps in that category. Here’s a quick summary of why you should download this free app:


  • As mentioned – it is free!
  • The overall design of the app is neat and perfect
  • It has a lot of features that are functional and simple to use
  • The features work well.
  • It lets you install automatic virus definition updates


Finally, it’s highly recommendable for everyone to install. When compared with other security apps (as seen in the photo below), Avast provides you the most number of features for no fee.



Have you tried the Avast mobile security app?

How does it compare to other security apps that you have tried?


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