Testing Leading Smart Phones through Flir One

Testing Leading Smart Phones through Flir One

It ought to be nothing unexpected to anybody that phones get hot when we use them in distinctive ways. These versatile PCs are equipped for a mind blowing sum, and things like processors and remote radios and batteries create heat when utilized. (However if a phone gets excessively hot is something totally different by and large.) We additionally live in our current reality where cell phones are being made of more interesting things consistently, with parts within gathered only a little contrastingly every time, and that implies those phones manage to handle the heat generated a in an unexpected way.

Since we’ve been equipped with the new Flir One , it appeared to be one of the amazing chance to make the gadgets undergo some generally unscientific tests especially one of the most famous ones out there. This is what happened when they were scrutinized under this thermal camera

flir 1

  • So we have one M9, S6 edge, LG G4, and Droid Turbo here with us for this test.
  • The first step was to put all the phones side by side switch them on and look for the one that generates most of the heat.
  • These phones are lying side by side and are doing exactly nothing with no major apps working or the battery utilized.
  • The phone that got most heated while doing nothing was Samsung S6 reaching 88.6 degrees before this test you may have never guessed it out by simply holding it.
  • I thought it would be droid turbo but I was wronged after getting the results of this test.

flir 2

  • To get to know more about the heating mechanism we downloaded AnTuTu Benchmark app on each phone and processed it in each phone side by side.
  • Without the warmth of the human hand this app has an ability to push the processor that immediately leads to it generating heat.
  • When we glanced at the phones with the flir camera we saw the temperature rising in an instant.
  • The G4 was the among the very first phones to change the color from purple to yellow indicating that it is generating heat, yet just in the top third of the telephone. The hottest spot, to one side of the camera, turned out to be splendid yellow on the screen as other phones began to sparkle orange. The Galaxy S6 edge rapidly turned into the hottest telephone on the table as the benchmark came to its decision, while the M9 and Droid Turbo stayed within the boundary.

flir 3

  • After reaching this far we decided to push things a bit further to see what happens and the results were as follows:
  1. G4 got to be what most would consider uncomfortably hot yet the last 66% of the G4 stay generally cool even towards the end of the second benchmark.
  2. The all-metal M9 and carbon fiber Droid Turbo spread the heat pretty much all over to attempt, disperse and lose the heat as fast as could be expected under the circumstances.
  3. While the Galaxy S6 edge came to more than 120 degrees.

flir 4


Conclusively do not fret after seeing this results because you may never be able to get your device this hot it is next to impossible until and unless you are playing some heavy duty game for quite some time or doing some heavy load work for hours this will not happen we here pushed the processors to its limits just to see what happens.

However now we know that Moto and M9 will never be as hot as G4 and S6 but the way G4 handles the heat is commendable and this is fine for the people who are holding and using the phone continuously.

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