Setting Pattern Lock On Android Device For Security

Last updated: July 15, 2020.

How to use your Device with Pattern Lock

It is important to secure your phone as you would with your other personal belongings. When your mobile device falls into the wrong hands accidentally, it may lead to more danger than you already thought of.

Securing it will prevent further risk. Because every Android device has several security measures which you can use. You don’t need third party applications because you can found these security measures on stock devices.

For example, there are several security locks available on your device, Setting Pattern Lock, Password Unlock and Pin Unlock.


So if you want an unauthorized use of your device, you can use the pattern unlock process. In detail, below is a tutorial of how to enable pattern lock security on your device.

Setting Pattern Lock on Android device tutorial:


First go to the Menu of your phone and tap Settings




Then look for the Location & Security and tap on them.




You will be directed to the security page

This is where you gain control of the security settings of your phone. Moreover, to set up your lock, go to “Setup Screen Lock”.


With LockNow, you can set up your preferred pattern

You can connect a minimum of 4 circles to set up your lock. Then, click next after making a pattern.




You will be directed to the unlock pattern settings

A sample pattern lock will be displayed.


  • Confirm the new pattern by connecting them again.




  • The new pattern will then by applied and you can see it when you come back to your device.




If you forget the pattern, you can easily remove it by using the hard reset of your phone. This will remove the present data on your device.


Note: If you enter the wrong pattern 5 times, you just reset your phone.

If you have any questions or you just want to share your experience, comment below.


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